Hot off the Press

July 17, 2017

HANNON: The Versatility of Makeup!

  For some of us, makeup is an absolute necessity – an everyday treat we simply cannot live without! But times are tough, and unfortunately, you […]
July 11, 2017

HANNON: Gym Bag Must-Haves!

  Gym Bag Must-Haves! Every year, we make the resolution to hit the gym. Suddenly, we’re halfway through the year, and the treadmills haven’t seen us […]
June 21, 2017

HANNON: Hair Care For Him.

  Hair Care For Him. Although Father’s Day might have passed, getting a special something for that special someone is important the whole year round. It […]
June 9, 2017

HANNON: A Treat For Your Dad!

  Celebrate your dad this month with HANNON! Your dad might always seem to get you the perfect gift (probably with some help from your mom), […]
May 30, 2017

Hannon Bothma’s Expert Advice – Moisturising in the Winter

  Hannon Bothma’s Expert Advice – Moisturising in the Winter   When winter hits, we layer our blankets and jackets, but we sometimes forget to protect […]
May 5, 2017

HANNON Hails New Products!

HANNON Hails New Products Hannon Bothma exceeds his title of ‘Glam Guru’ at media event for recently unveiled products. Hosted in HANNON’s very own ‘Glam Guru’ […]