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The Art of Giving

Europa Art has partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Each One Feed One and the Kolisi Foundation to help families in dire need.

We are currently experiencing a time more unprecedented than ever before. The challenge of COVID-19 is all-embracing and will be with us long after the immediate crisis is overcome.

As a proud partner of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, for the second year running, Europa Art is proud to announce that they are embarking on yet another philanthropic initiative close to their hearts, Each1 Feed1, this year.

Having a long and rich history in the humanitarian field, Europa Art cannot simply sit back and watch those around them suffer. Instead, partnering with Each One Feed One, the Kolisi Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the acclaimed fashion brand is helping those who need it most.

“A lot of people are going hungry, in fact there were a lot before the pandemic, but with people being cut from work and without a job, they can’t even get the little bit of food they used to have every day.”

– Siya Kolisi

With the incredible work done last year by Europa Art, having donated 5,420 pairs of school shoes to students in need, they decided to once again partner with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in order to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The primary outcome of their campaign is to bring emergency food relief to individuals and communities at acute risk due to food insecurity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families strewn across the country are battling poverty-ridden environments with a lack of income during this time. Some were precariously employed or earn a living under the no work no pay structure and thus are struggling more than ever to make ends meet.

Along with Siya Kolisi, Maps Maponyane and of course, Europa Art’s Brand Ambassador, Pearl Thusi, Europa Art hopes to make a massive impact to communities in need, in the most positive way.

“The idea is for all South Africans to contribute to a food distribution network. With our partners, we will be distributing food hampers to support families for a minimum of three months.”

– Nelson Mandela Foundation

Europa Art pledges R50 000 towards this initiative, providing families around the country with food parcels. Each package is filled with R600 worth of nutritive staples including multipurpose cleaner (750ml), liquid hand-wash soap (1l), maize meal (10kg), samp (5kg), sugar beans (2kg), cooking oil (2l), sugar (5kg), pilchards (6’s), canned mixed veg (4’s), baked beans (4‘s), soya mince (1kg), Rooibos tea (40’s), instant porridge / Maltabella (1kg), 3 packs of sanitary towels.

In commemoration of Mandela Day this year, Europa Art will visit the community along with their Brand Ambassador, Pearl Thusi to personally deliver the food parcels collected.


“We at Europa Art strongly believe that fashion has the power to change the world and thus are dedicated to bring relief to underprivileged communities, in dire need at this time.”

– Melina Lambrakis

How can you help?
Support this wonderful initiative with a donation of R100 or more when in-store at Europa Art. Alternatively, should you want to make a donation in the privacy of your own home, you can also make a donation on their website by going to

Each donation is added to a bank account created for the sole purpose of supporting Each One Feed One, the Kolisi Foundation and families across our country.

Corporate Companies
Europa Art are appealing to corporate companies to make a minimum donation of R1000 to this worthy cause and in return receive a special mention of gratitude from the brand.

Should you wish to make a larger donation, please contact

Now more than ever do we need to act in solidarity. As a nation, let us not sit back as others suffer. Let us pool our resources and ensure our country remains strong and resilient. 

Europa Art is proud to lead such an initiative. This is the Heart of Being Stylish.

#TheHeartOfBeingStylish #E1F1 #KolisiFoundation #NelsonMandelaFoundation #NelsonMandelaDay

To make a donation, please visit:
Europa Art
Europa Art hones in on the power of fashion and our vast array of footwear and accessories in an opulent selection of patterns, silhouettes and designs lay testament to that freedom of expression.

For close to 50 years, Europa Art has been at the forefront of fashionable footwear. Right off the runway, Europa Art draws inspiration from global trends across the world. From the modern woman to the debonair and dapper gentleman, our brand extends quite the selection to choose from. Modern or classic; chic or casual, flirty or functional, no matter the style you’re looking for, Europa Art has the perfect fit for you! Of course, our shoes are constructed from the highest grade leather resulting in hand-crafted, premium Italian footwear for every fashionista.

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