HANNON: Dry Skin Not Just in Winter!

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October 25, 2019
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HANNON: Dry Skin Not Just in Winter!


Dry Skin, Not Just in Winter

Winter may have been rough on some of us, but for others, dry skin is a day-to-day facial nightmare.

Winter has come and gone, and in its path, the colder temperatures have wreaked havoc on your skin. Unfortunately, for a lot of women, dry skin is a constant condition. While many of us aim for a summer glow, for others, radiant and supple skin is nothing but a mere daydream.
How to address dry skin?
Avoid dry interior conditions
Heating and air conditioning are not good for the skin. It makes fine lines look worse. A humidifier is your best friend when the aircon cannot be avoided in the office during the warmer months to come.
Warm water
Cleansing your skin with warm water is far gentler on the skin. It also opens your pores for maximum absorption of the active ingredients in your skin care products.

A moisturising cleanser also assists in re-hydrating the skin while not stripping it of any essential oils.

We recommend: HANNON’s Makeup Cleansing Milk
Lock it in!
Moisturising your skin straight after cleansing helps to lock in hydration.

We recommend: HANNON’s Intense Hydrating Moisturiser

Its MOIST 24 complex continuously releases moisture molecules to the skin throughout the day resulting in a radiantly hydrated appearance.

Drink plenty of water
Water hydrates your whole body, including your skin cells. Good hydration levels mean our skin is working properly and if the light is reflecting off a surface evenly, it appears more hydrated and dewy.
Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!
Dehydrated and flaking skin is more susceptible to sun damage. Protecting the delicate barrier of your skin is essential to avoid premature skin aging, pigmentation and even skin cancer.

We recommend: HANNON’s Daily Sunscreen Moisturiser SPF30

Let’s get our glow on, girls!
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