Team Dr Joseph: Start Fresh with the Freshest Ingredients.

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September 23, 2019
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Team Dr Joseph: Start Fresh with the Freshest Ingredients.


Start Fresh with the Freshest Ingredients.

Often, all you need is to return to nature.

Spring conjures images of idyllic meadows, warm, beautiful blossoms and green expanses met with ocean air. What doesn’t come to mind is cluttered spaces filled with things we don’t need. However, as human nature dictates, we often end up hoarding more than we can chew… proverbially, of course!
Spring cleaning takes up a whole new meaning when it comes to your skin care cabinet. Out with the old, in with new! But what exactly is the ‘new’ we’re welcoming with open arms and beaming faces?
Let’s get down to basics.
Daily Cleansing Milk
This gentle milky cleanser cleanses deeply and thoroughly, leaving the skin soft and refreshed. Jojoba oil is a great source of vitamin E which nourishes the skin.
Daily Balancing Toner
The daily pH balancing facial toner incorporates comfrey extract which calms the skin for an even skin tone while aloe vera mositurises and huckleberry leaves the skin protected.
Daily Moisturising Cream
Of course, we can’t forget our beloved moisturiser! Natural hyaluronic acid results in radiantly plump and supple skin. Aloe vera, rosemary and jojoba oil calm the complexion for an even and glowing tone.
Nature’s Treat
Although not an essential, Team Dr Joseph’s Exfoliating Facial Scrub is a wonderful treat for the skin. Pore refining jojoba seeds gently remove excess dead cells to refine the skin’s texture, leaving it smooth and bright.
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