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August 13, 2019
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August 19, 2019
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Futurethis: Get Skinny Online!


Get Skinny Online!

With a click of your mouse, you could be sipping on some Skinny in no time.

That bit of extra winter weight is sure to hold you back from the ultimate summer body. With the warmer temperatures fast approaching, you might be panicking. With only a few weeks left to go before we replace our chunky coats and woolly jerseys for skin-revealing tank tops and a bit of a skimpy halter-neck, it’s time to get out of that sedentary rut!
Let Skinny Green help out. As an appetite suppressant, Skinny Green Products are natural weight loss aids that not only help your body rid unwanted fat but also give you energy. The latter can be used plentiful to fuel your revived exercise regime.
The Science Behind the Skinny:
Skinny’s special recipe assists in the thermogenesis of the body – the body temperature changes – this forces the body to burn more calories as it brings the temperature back to normal.  In other words, your metabolism increases and assists with fat burning. On top of weight control, the added properties are anti-oxidants that are a necessity in our daily lives. They are used to fight free radicals that cause us to age due to stress, pollution and smoke.  Lastly, Skinny increases energy.
Yay to fewer cravings!
Skinny Green Tea
Skinny Green Tea naturally energises the body and helps maintain stamina whilst bioactive ingredients burn calories and promote weight loss. Consisting of 3 powerful ingredients: Green Tea, Zychrome and Cardiaslim, Skinny Green Tea incorporates components that have been proven safe and effective for weight loss whilst regulating and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.
Skinny Green Coffee
SKINNY Green Coffee is made from raw, unroasted coffee beans that are rich in both caffeine and chlorogenic acid. These compounds help boost the metabolism and inhibit the gluconeogenesis or fat absorption. A perfect complement to your new, healthy lifestyle – a hot cuppa Skinny Green Coffee.
For stockist details or to shop online, please visit:
For more information, please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za.

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