RITES Collabs With Local Artist!

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August 19, 2019
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August 22, 2019
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RITES Collabs With Local Artist!

Rites Collaborates with Local Artist!


Rites Collaborates with Local Artist

A cool collab makes skincare fab!

Hey Ellen’s illustrations are vibrant, honest and undeniably unique. Always an artistic person, Ellen started sharing her art online in 2017. Drawing inspiration from pressing social issues, especially those that tend to affect women, Ellen tackles these issues in a light-hearted and easy-to-relate way, engaging in what we might think as taboo.

Her mission with Rites is to #NormaliseAcne through her work, helping teens accept that blemishes, pimples, scarring and ‘imperfect’ skin is normal, acceptable and very often beautiful, too.

Rites was founded with the passion for helping teens and tweens alike understand their skin. They have worked closely with a doctor to create a safe and effective range to help with the nuances of tricky skins. It is important that young ones know that it’s okay to have a pimple, that the world is not perfect, and that Photoshop and Instagram filters are not what real life is about. Hey Ellen’s illustrations will help in conveying this message to teens throughout South Africa.
If Ellen could give advice to her teenage self, what would she say?

“If I could have a conversation with my teenage self, I’d want her to know that she’s strong and capable. I’d want her to know that the people who thought her kindness was a weakness were wrong, because I really believe that I only got where I am by being kind and working hard. As a teenager, I never dreamed I’d be able to make art that would bring people comfort, so I’d point to myself and say to her, ‘Look who you’re going to be soon! It’s all going to be worth it I promise.’”

Life is a journey; sometimes you go through rough patches and sometimes it is smooth sailing – a few spots on your face is okay. It means that your body is working properly and pushing out all those pesky toxins.
Nature knows what to do – so give you skin the best canvas that you can with Rites Skin Solution and let it do what it needs to do without too much outside interference.
See more of Hey Ellen and her work below:



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