Geo by George: Going Green with Natural Fabric

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July 12, 2019
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Geo by George: Going Green with Natural Fabric

Geo by George: Going Green with Natural Fabric

Natural fabrics not only offer a luxurious feel and fluid movement to the garments they are made into, but they go beyond the fashion industry itself. They give back to our environment in more ways than one.

A global trend seen within the fashion industry is the keen desire to go ‘back to basics’. We’re yearning to embrace the beauty in natural fabrics and celebrate the quirks and imperfections that natural fabrics offer. It’s not just in the fashion industry – we find it just about everywhere. We look in the organic foods we choose to eat, the cleaning products we find better for the environment and the eco-friendly cars we choose to drive. It’s about keeping everything as natural and organic as possible. This movement is especially popular among younger people who are genuinely open to embracing the alternative side of life.

With the world looking to better options, the fashion industry is not one to stay behind as its opened up to the needs of going green. Geo by George’s collections alike are following this natural trend without sacrificing style or quality, echoing the desires of a modern cosmopolitan women by moving away from synthetic dominant garments.

Geo by George Head Designer, George Stander embraces his decision to use natural fabrics because he believes natural fabrics are better. The brand likes the fact that these natural
fabric options are sustainable. They use textiles that derive from naturally produced fibers. This means fibers that are produced by plants, animals or are geologically processed. These natural fabrics, as the most commonly used in the fashion industry are silk, wool, cashmere, hemp and cotton.

Natural fabrics are superior to their man-made counterparts because of their ability to moderate temperature changes, allowing for a cooler and more comfortable garment. Excellence is something Geo by George prides themselves on. So, seeking the use and inclusion of natural fabrics in their pure form is eco-friendly and non-toxic.  As a result, they’re the better option – more sustainable, which means less environmental pollution. The goal behind sustainable living is to produce or manufacture items produced with the greatest long- term benefits for the greatest amount of people.

An added benefit of sustainable fabrics is their economic impact. For example, clothes made from cotton, linen, etc. last for a longer period when compared to synthetic fibers that begin to break down more rapidly. The process of converting natural fibers into natural fabrics is native. The Geo by George brand reduces their dependence on fossil fuels as a result.

Many farmers are losing the battle due to synthetic man-made products. By supporting the use of natural fabrics, Geo by George is not only preventing the extinction of naturally grown products, but they’re also adding back humanity to the fashion industry.

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