RITES: Winter is Here – and It’s Draining!

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May 16, 2019
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RITES: Winter is Here – and It’s Draining!


Winter Is Here – and It’s Draining!

Dehydrated skin is not a vibe!

Summer is the season of glowing skin. In the words of Ariana Grande, our skin was “gleaming”. Winter has arrived, and with the drop in temperatures (and spike in usage of your car heater), you might have instantly felt your skin changing. A previous well-moisturised complexion has now become dull and dehydrated. Fear not! RITES is your new favourite beauty bestie, and she will not let you down!
foam fighter
The RITES foaming face wash is gentle yet effective in cleansing the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and renewed. This oil control lather works to clarify and purify your skin without stripping it of those essential natural oils. Stripping the skin of these oils is a definite must-not – especially in winter!
the fresh crusader
Infused with Witch Hazel, cucumber and Aloe Vera, the RITES toner face wipes helps to unclog the pores and provide hydration in one simple swipe, leaving your skin feeling clean and toned, with no need to rinse with water.
smart hydrator
Smooth, supple and grateful – these are just some characteristics of your skin after using the RITES repair moisturiser. Infused with ingredients such as Brazil Nut Oil, it intensely moisturises the skin while Copaiba, calms and soothes for an overall radiant and glowing appearance.
smooth operator
Chapped lips seem to come hand-in-hand with the cooler temperatures, but no more! With one swipe of the RITES lip balm, your lips are instantly treated to essential omega-6 fatty acids. Say hello to supple, moisturised lips this season!
Adequate hydration is more than a fantastic skincare regime. Remember to drink plenty of water! If you simply cannot live without your heater, we suggest investing in a diffuser. These nifty little gadgets are perfect to surge some moisture back into a drier environment. Happy skin-caring!
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