HANNON: Moisturise Me!

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May 28, 2019
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HANNON: Moisturise Me!


Moisturise Me!

An update to your beauty regime is always called for.

While you might have a conventionally combination or oily complexion throughout the rest of the year, you may have already seen slight changes to your skin. Where once a radiant glow reigned supreme, dry patches, tightness and flaking of the skin might now be rearing its head.
Whether you’ve endured with dry skin for most of your life and have your skin care routine polished, or you’ve recently been experiencing bouts of dehydration due to the temperature change, an update to your beauty regime is always called for.
Rid your skin of those dead cells!
Effective exfoliation is essential to your routine. Ridding your face of dead skin cells is vital so that the products you use to tone and moisturise effectively penetrate the deeper dermis without unnecessary barriers.
Gentle Enzyme Skin Peeler
Squeaky clean!
Cleansing the face with a moisturising face wash is necessary to clear the skin of bacteria, dirt and makeup. It leaves a fresh canvas for optimal absorption of the skin care products that follow.

Gentle Facial Wash

Watch your tone.
HANNON’s pH Balancing Toner calms the skin while preparing it for maximum absorption of the active ingredients in the HANNON serums and moisturising creams.

pH BalancingToner

Moisturise me!
A rich moisturiser is important in order to rehydrate and treat dry, tight patches on the face. HANNON’s Intense Hydrating Moisturiser incorporates MOIST 24. It continuously releases moisture molecules throughout the day, leaving the skin feeling comfortable radiantly hydrated.

Intense Hydrating Moisturiser

A surge of hydration.
An added dose of hydration is a must – especially during winter. The skin is often under strain due to harsh environmental factors such as the change in temperatures and artificial heating. An effective face mask will leave the skin plumper and radiant with a youthful glow.

Rehydrating Moisture Mask

Get your beauty sleep.
Let your skin regenerate while your body does, too. An ultra-hydrating face cream, HANNON’s Night Crème Ultra Rich is ideal before bedtime and taking a night’s rest. It provides a burst of nourishment for the face and neck which can only be fully absorbed whilst asleep.

Night Crème Ultra Rich

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