These Curls Are Beachin!

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December 18, 2018
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These Curls Are Beachin!

HANNON curls

HANNON curls

Embrace Summer Curls

It’s time for curl season! Not born with natural beachy waves? Here’s how to take your hair from straight to curly in a matter of minutes.
Here’s what you’ll need:

Hannon Comb
Hannon Anti-Frizz Silk Finishing Spray
Hannon More Hair Volumising Mist
Style Freeze Firm Hold Hair Spray
Your favourite curling tong

Step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Prep your hair while damp with a styling spray to ensure your curls last all day. Begin by spritzing Hannon’s More Hair Volumising Mist, R192 for 200ml, from root to tip. Gently comb through to remove any tangles or unwanted knots.
Step 2: Roughly blow-dry your hair. This will close your hairs cuticles, leaving a smooth and sleek finish. Brush again before you begin the curling process.

Step 3. Split your hair into sections from the base to the top and secure the hair with clips. (You’ll start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up).

Step 4. Pick up a section from the bottom layer and wrap your hair around your curling tong. Don’t curl hair more than 5cm’s wide. The thicker the hair, the less impact the heat will have. (Small sections, tight curls. Large sections, loose curls).
Remember to curl away from your face, for a more flattering look.

Step 5: To prevent the curls from dropping, spray the curls with Hannon’s Style Freeze Firm Hold Hair Spray R185 for 250ml, then roll up the curl and pin it in place pin them in place using grips.
Step 6: Once you’ve curled all the sections, and the hair has cooled, gently comb through with your fingers and spray with Hannon’s Anti-Frizz Silk Finishing Spray, R195 for 125ml.
Tip: Want longer-lasting curls? Curl smaller sections.
Beat the heat damage with these tips:

Practice with your curling iron off – it sounds silly but you want to master the technique without burning yourself. When you feel confident, turn the heat on.

Always use a heat protectant spray like Hannon’s Straightening Iron Protection, R195 for 125ml. High heat not only damages the hair, but has been proven to decrease the longevity of your salon colour.

200° C. That is the maximum temperature to use to keep hair colour safe from dulling and fading. Anything over will dry out and damage your lush locks.

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