Team Dr Joseph: Travel – the Natural Way.

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December 21, 2018
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Team Dr Joseph: Travel – the Natural Way.


Travel – the Natural Way!

Your Pro-Hydration Travel Kit contains everything you need while traveling and nothing you don’t!

Does this sound familiar?
You’re packing your suitcase before a well-deserved getaway and then you realize that your wash-bag is about the same size! You’ve probably been there before. Luckily, Futurethis have done the hard work for you. They are proud to present their Team Dr Joseph Pro Hydration Travel Kit.

For products that respect your natural balance, Team Dr Joseph boasts products that revitalise the skin by learning its unique demands. Experience for yourself the individual holistic approach to beauty care offered by Team Dr Joseph products. It’s time for a new technology of skincare. Hightech natural cosmetics.

Products that respect your natural balance.
The Pro-Hydration Travel Kit consists of the 10ml travel size options for the following products:

  • Team Dr Joseph Daily Cleansing Milk
  • Team Dr Joseph Daily Moisturising Cream
  • Team Dr Joseph Ultra Hydration Serum
Daily Cleansing Milk
The Team Dr Joseph Daily Cleansing Milk gently cleans and revitalises the skin for a vital aura. Jojoba Oil smooths and nourishes the skin while Olive Oil protects and Chamomile acts as a calming agent. The ideal holiday cleanser to refresh the skin after the harsh holiday climate.
Daily Moisturising Cream
Containing natural Hyaluronic Acid, this Moisturising Day Cream is the ideal holiday companion. Rosemary tones and refreshes the skin while Aloe Vera extract calms and hydrates.
Ultra Hydration Serum
This facial serum for extra moisture contains deep-working active ingredients such as natural Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration. Apple extract calms the skin and provides the necessary vitamins for a healthy and glowing complexion.
R1 045.00
Protection Against The Sun!
Sun protection is vital no matter your holiday destination this year. Whether you’re hitting the slopes in the Northern Hemisphere or basking on the beaches in Cape Town or Durban, adequate sun protection is important to protect your skin against the harsh environment – even a stay-cation requires sun protection!
Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF30
This all-natural Sun Cream contains innovative UVA and UVB filters which prevent pigmentation and premature skin aging. Although providing intense moisture to the skin, the Team Dr Joseph Sun Cream doesn’t leave behind a greasy texture, meaning it is perfect for use in summer and winter!
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