Futurethis: Exfoliation & Hydration!

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November 22, 2018
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Futurethis: Exfoliation & Hydration!


Exfoliation and Hydration!

There are many ways to prep, protect and nourish the skin with the summer in mind.

While summer might be good for the soul, it certainly can wreak havoc on the skin. Every year, the warmer months take their toll on our skin – especially with the harsh African climate we experience. However, there are many ways to prep, protect and nourish the skin with summer in mind.
The Importance of Exfoliation
Smoother and radiant skin, increased elasticity and an increased skin barrier – just some of the benefits to regular exfoliation. Dissolving dead skin cells also assists in eliminating dullness, roughness and dryness – key characteristics of skin in the summer time.
QMS’ Pro Body Exfoliator is an invigorating body gel formulated with micro-fine exfoliating particles to gently dissolve dead skin cells. It is rich in anti-oxidants that protect the skin whilst essential oils energise and refresh the senses. The gentle gel leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and supple for the summer.

A natural alternative

Vitalis Dr Joseph Alpine Herbs Exfoliant Body Scrub

Relish in your natural beauty with the Exfoliant Body Scrub from Vitalis Dr Joseph. Fusing highly effective natural ingredients with mindful application, this Body Scrub will leave the skin looking and feeling its best!


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Hydrating your body after exfoliation is crucial to restore your body’s moisture. A refreshing lotion is not only a treat but it is also essential for soft and supple skin that glows with radiance.

Revitalising Lift-o-Firm BodyQMS’ innovative contouring cream boasts very effective lifting ingredients that help sculpt your body and firm problem areas. Bitter orange is used to help stimulate fat burning whilst natural oils leave the skin smooth and full of vitality.

A natural alternative

Vitalis Dr Joseph Hyaluronic Moisturising Body CreamThe Hyaluronic Acid present in this moisturiser is a powerful and natural ingredient with intensely hydrating and protective properties. It ensures soft and supple skin and complemented by a wonderful scent, this Moisturising Body Cream is a must-have this summer!
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