5 Reasons Your Skin Is So Dry

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November 13, 2018
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5 Reasons Your Skin Is So Dry

Hannon dry skin

Hannon dry skin

5 Reasons Your Skin Is So Dry

A good skincare routine is the key to beating tight, dry itchy skin.
Here’s how you can soothe dry skin for good.
1. Your water is too hot

Everyone loves a steaming hot shower, but did you know the hot water can actually damage your skins natural barrier? It strips away the natural oils, causing inflammation, redness and dehydration. So, keep showers short and lukewarm to protect your biggest organ – your precious skin.

2. Your cleanser is too acidic

Your cleanser could be causing an imbalance in your skin’s pH levels. When it comes to pH, you have acid on the low end and alkaline on the other (a pH of 7 is neural).

Our skin is naturally acidic to help protect against environmental aggravators and bacteria. Find a cleanser that is pH balanced or one that gently removes dirt without stripping the outer layer of the skin.

Try: Hannon’s Gentle Face Wash, R305 for 150ml. A foamy facial wash gentle enough for all skin types. It dissolves the most stubborn daily grime, makeup formulations and helps to prevent breakouts while controlling inflammation.
3. You’re over-exfoliating

Exfoliating is an important step in your skin-care routine as it removes dead skin cells to reveal a smoother complexion, but you can overdo it. If you do exfoliate, keep it to twice a week so your skin has enough time to replenish any lost oils.

Try: Hannon’s Gentle Enzyme Skin Peeler, R345 for 50ml. An active exfoliator suitable for sensitive skin types that is used twice -weekly to remove dead cells and resurface the skin.
4. Your moisturiser is too thin

Just like you buy new clothes for different seasons, you also need to invest in new skincare products. In Winter, there is less moisture in the air, so your skin will be prone to cracking and peeling, whereas in the hot, humid Summer months, your skin retains moisture.

Ensure your moisturiser is thick enough to create a protective barrier and prevent moisture loss.

Try Hannon’s Intense Hydrating Moisturiser, R380 for 50ml. A rich moisturising cream ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. The MOIST 24 formula continuously releases moisture molecules throughout the day to help keep skin hydrated and comfortable.
5. You sleep with makeup on

Makeup contains ingredients that dry out the skin and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe – causing irritation, inflammation and dehydration. So, sleeping with your makeup on is the quickest way to take your skin from bad, to worse.

Try: Makeup Cleansing Milk, R305 for 150ml. A moisturising makeup remover that thoroughly removes all makeup and cleanses the face of all impurities. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and completely clean.
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