RED’s Radar: Slackers Unite!

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October 4, 2018
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RED’s Radar: Slackers Unite!

Slackers Unite!

Call your boss around (or better yet, share this article), a 4-day work week leads to an increase in productivity levels at the office.


That’s right! A recent study conducted in New Zealand indicated productivity levels amongst employees increased by 24% when staff were expected to work only 4 days a week. Over the 8-week research period, staff stress levels decreased from 45% to 38%, while work-life balance improved from 54% to 78%. Of course, the positive results were expected as employees were paid for a full week’s work despite only clocking in 32 hours compared to the normal 40 hours.

Jarrod Haar, a human resources professor at Auckland University of Technology, had the following to say about the project: “Supervisors said staff were more creative, their attendance was better, they were on time, and they didn’t leave early or take long breaks.”

Although not a four-day work week, a more flexible working environment has been implemented in our very own office at RED Marketing. We are treated more like family than colleagues, and our working hours are malleable (to say the least!).

Our M.D, Daniel Calbacho, has the opinion that if the work is completed, on-time and efficiently, why should we be chained to our desks from 9 to 5?

“RED Marketing is a team. Treat your team members the way you would like to be treated. Our members are all highly skilled and love what they do, and it shows in their output. If you treat people like people and not machines, just watch what happens.” 


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