Multitasking Makeup

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Multitasking Makeup

Hannon Makeup

Hannon makeup

Multitasking Makeup

Ever found you’ve had an office meeting sprung on you, or you quickly need to pop out and see a client, but you forget to bring all those makeup essentials to help you touch up and go? Fear not. You can work with what you’ve got, because cosmetics are nothing if not versatile.
Mascara As Eyeliner
Think of mascara as a secret weapon. Not only does it help you bat your lashes and accentuate your eyes, but that little hint of pigment can be taken along your lash line and used as liner. All you need is an angled brush and a steady hand. Dip your brush into the tip of your mascara wand (picking up the excess pigment that usually ends up on the bridge of your nose) and take it along your lash line, like you would with normal liner. The key is to work quickly. We all know once mascara dries it doesn’t budge!

We love: Hannon Super Lash Mascara Long Last R240.

Liquid Lipstick As Eyeshadow
We don’t all grab our lipstick and swipe it across our lids, but why not? Liquid lipstick makes a great eyeshadow! Not only is the colour payoff incredible, but it can easily be blended to create a seamless look. If you feel your liquid lipstick isn’t setting, you can always dust over it with a bit of translucent powder.

We love: Hannon Lipgloss, R145.

Eyeshadow As Brow Filler
Powder is powder, right? RIGHT! You don’t need to spend loads of money on an eyebrow kit when you have a trusty brown eyeshadow on hand. Sweep the shadow into your eyebrows with an angled brush using feathering strokes to fill, shape and groom your brows. Full eyebrows are always on trend.

We love: Hannon Duo Eyeshadow Palette R168.

Lipstick As Blush
This is one of those hacks every working woman knows about! We all love a good rosy cheek that puts life back into your look within seconds. Out of blusher? Grab your lipstick or tinted balm and apply it directly to the apples of your cheeks and BLEND! The creamy formula will melt in your fingers creating a soft, dewy finish that’ll leave your look flawless!

We love: Hannon Colour Blend Lipsticks R175.

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