MINISO: Pink Panther Makes Its Return!

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September 13, 2018
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MINISO: Pink Panther Makes Its Return!


Pink Panther Makes Its Return!

Revel and reminisce in childhood memories with the latest collection from MINISO.

The legendary Pink Panther has officially made a comeback! Although this time, no detective work is required. MINISO has all your goodies right in-store.

Japanese designer brand, MINISO, have launched their latest collection of all things pink! Included in this range, you’ll find everything from hand-held mirrors, notebooks, phone cases, hats, umbrellas and so much more!

Pink isn’t just reserved for Wednesdays anymore. With so many goodies to choose from, you’ll be rocking your MINISO merch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Make your office space your own with a cute notebooks and stationery. Clad your space in pink, and never let a day go by without the necessary motivation!


Planner – R49.90


Hardcover Notebook – R49.90

Whether you’re storing pens and highlighters in these cute pouches or making a more unconventional use of them (we’re thinking makeup brushes, of course!), you should never be seen leaving the house without these trusty and stylish little bags.
Pencil Case (black) – R49.90


Pencil Case (pink) – R29.90

A hot commodity! The Pink Panther plushies are a fan favourite – and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re on the lookout for a gift for the little ones or simply need an eye-catching accent piece on your bed, you can’t go wrong with Pink Panther!
Pink Panther Plush Toy – R139.90
With the warmer weather steadily on its way, stay hydrated (and stylish) with either a Pink Panther inspired metallic water bottle or re-usable cup. Both are perfect for many a beverage!
Vacuum Bottle – R169.90
Water Bottle – R69.90
The holiday season is almost here. You can practically feel it in the air! Travel in style and complete comfort with this sturdy, yet snug neck pillow. Say goodbye to the stiffness that comes along with accidentally falling asleep on the airplane. Now, you can doze in peace! The only drawback: be on the lookout for anyone who would like to snag this cute travel essential!
Neck Pillow – R139.90
Charming tech gadgets are somewhat of a specialty for the Japanese designer brand – and they’ve done it again! Tangled cords and wires are a thing of the past. Simply roll your Pink Panther charger back into its case, and you’re ready to go! Pop it in your travel bag or backpack, and your charger is stored in its nifty, space-efficient container.
Retractable USB Cable – R49.90
Let Pink Panther protect your phone! With that knowing smile, he’s surely an expert!
Cellphone Case – R49.90
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