Clarks SS18: Ladies Nature VI.

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Clarks SS18: Ladies Nature VI.


Nature VI

Blending Craft & Innovation to Retain The Efficiency of Simplicity.

In nature, progression is the only constant. Its forward trajectory forces everything in its path to respond; to adapt. Entirely out of our control, nature embodies the complexities of change, perfecting simplicity and retaining only what is essential. Its simplicity is its essence.

Out in the wild and in the architecture of everyday life, one step leads to another, and we manoeuvre and pivot through the evolving conditions nature lays out before us.

At the core of the Nature series is the implementation of optimal form and function while sustaining the minimalism that is so inherent in the Clarks DNA. Inspired by the foot in every aspect of its build, the Nature collection is intent on creating natural fit and feel footwear. From form to support system, it all grows around the shape of the foot: the inside-out personalised fit-to-form structures, the hyper-responsive compression pods on the outsole, all elements enhance the core fundamentals of Clarks Nature.
The newest edition in Clarks Nature series – Nature VI – sees a perfecting of the shoe that debuted in the 1980s.
Nature VI Sport – R3,290.00
Nature VI Move


Black Combi – R3,290.00


White Combi – R3,290.00

This modern iteration evolves the long-standing principles of the Nature range, advancing the model to adapt to the rigors of daily life and implementing athletic modifications for a more streamlined fit.

Streamlining is what nature does best in its deliberate march towards efficiency, in its innate mission to operate at the highest level. Inspired by nature’s quest, the Nature VI emphasises the most advanced science of new elastic and knitted-mesh uppers to complement the ultra-cushioned footbed and restriction-free outsole. The Nature VI is engineered to perform at the highest level of comfort, support and wearability with the newly added elements coupled with the latest trend of comfortable, sleek footwear. Refreshingly efficient Ghillie lacing and the direct stitching of the uppers to outsole adds to Nature’s minimal design.

Nature VI Sport Navy Combi – R3,290.00
The Nature VI’s profile exhibits beauty in its simplicity. Leaving behind the athleisure market’s propensity to obscure and confuse with technological advances, the latest Nature silhouette holds true to the Clarks name, in continuing to blend craft and innovation to retain the efficiency of simplicity.
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