How Safe Is Your Home This Winter?

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June 22, 2018
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How Safe Is Your Home This Winter?

SoPure Winterproof.

SoPure Winterproof.

How Safe Is Your Home This Winter?

It’s winter once again, which means the majority of us will be spending the day indoors with heaters and blankets to shelter and protect us from the harshness and bite of the cold.

While we might enjoy the warmth and cosiness of our space, could we really consider it a safe place? Just like we enjoy the heat, so do dust mites.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that cannot be seen by the naked eye. They thrive and breed in a soft, warm home environment, such as mattresses, pillows, duvets, carpets and cots.

These pesky little creatures could be the reason your nose is runny, your asthma has worsened or your allergies are through the roof – don’t just assume it’s due to the change of season. In this case, there’s more than meets the eye.
Dr Martin Davis is a practising Paediatrician and a Paediatric Pulmonologist in Johannesburg. He suggests: “Humidifiers need to be used only at night for specific respiratory infections and for short periods. It is highly recommended parents use a product that reduces exposure to dust mite allergens to assist the prevention of allergic reactions during winter.”

What can I do to keep my family safe?

It is much simpler than it seems to stop the effects of dust mites within our homes. Prevent allergies by using a safe dust mite and mold neutralizer that diffuses the little pests’ impact.

Dust mite solutions like MiteFree Allergen Spray, R109,99 for 250ml, can transform the quality of your life by eliminating allergies caused by dust mites and mold. MiteFree is scientifically formulated and approved by the SABS to neutralize dust mite allergens and pollen. It is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and completely safe to use in your bed or baby’s cot.

Rid your home of dust mite allergens by spraying MiteFree directly onto mattresses, cots, pillows, upholstery, soft toys and into the air, or simply wash your bedding in the MiteFree Laundry Additive.

MiteFree is available from Dis-chem, Baby City, leading pharmacies or online at:

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