Is Your Makeup Making You Look Older?

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June 12, 2018
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Is Your Makeup Making You Look Older?

Hannon makeup

Hannon makeup

Is Your Makeup Making You Look Older?

Do you find you’ve been stuck in the same makeup routine for years? This could actually be working against you. Makeup should be used to enhance your best features, not hide them or make them look worse than they really are.

As you mature, your makeup routine should too – you need to work around all those fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin look 10 years younger, not older.
Avoid these 6 makeup mistakes that might be ageing you.

  1. Your foundation is too light
Foundation that’s too light will instantly make your skin look washed out and grey. Try a foundation with a warmer tone, or simply go for a shade that’s one hue lighter than your original foundation. This will give you a much-needed gorgeous glow.

Always test your foundation on the side of your cheek. You want to match your face to the rest of your body – no one wants a ‘floating’ head.

Try: HANNON’s Full Coverage Liquid Foundation, R252, which blends easily for a natural and flawless complexion.

  1.  Flat lashes
Flat lashes will make your eyes look droopy and sad. An eyelash curler adds instant youthfulness by opening up the eyes and making you look more energetic and ‘awake’. If you’ve never used a lash curler before, be careful. Clamp the lashes for 15 seconds each. Warming up the curler with a hairdryer can make it more effective, but don’t burn yourself.
  1. Too much powder
Powder really helps foundation stay in place and prevent excess shine throughout the day. However, as you age, your skin produces less sebum, making it a whole lot drier than before. Using too much powder can accentuate the dryness making your skin look cakey and flakey. Rather powder only where you need it, like your nose, chin and forehead.

Try: HANNON’s Two In One Foundation, R252, with added pore refining properties.

  1.  Eyeshadow Overload
Eyeshadow is great for drawing attention to your eyes. Too much shadow, or the wrong colour and finish can make your eyes look heavy. Steer clear from too much shimmer as this will highlight the fine lines in the lids, and rather use soft browns and neutrals in place of black and grey. A little shadow goes a long way.

Try: HANNON’s Duo Eyeshadow in Brown, R168, with 4 unique shades to create a fashionable eye.

  1.  Overdone Eyebrows
Did you overpluck your brows, or do you really just love a bold look?
If you have light and fine brows, it can be tempting to use a heavy hand with your brow pencil. But unblended brows can make you look way older than you might realise. Keep it natural by blending, and only fill in your brows where you are missing hair.

Try: HANNON’s Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe Gel, R145, to define and shape the brows.

  1.  Lipstick is too dark
You don’t need to stop wearing lipstick, you just have to rock the right colours. Dark shades tend to make the lips look thinner, so opt for soft pinks instead. Prevent your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ into your fine lines by; using a lip liner, dusting with setting powder, applying the shade and dusting with setting powder again.

Try: HANNON’s Lipstick in Hollywood, R175, which compliments all skin types.

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