Body Wash vs Traditional Soap – what is best?

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June 18, 2018
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Body Wash vs Traditional Soap – what is best?

Celltone bodywash

Celltone bodywash

Body Wash vs Traditional Soap – what is best?

Because our skin is bombarded daily with external influences like bacteria and dirt, we’ve quickly learnt that preserving the skin is a way for better and longer life. There are so many different cleansing products on the market. Gone are the days when the simple bar of soap was the only choice. Nowadays there are soaps, body washes, shower gels and in-shower oils.

So what is the difference and which is the best to use? The truth is, there is no simple answer. It all depends on what kind of skin you have and what your needs are.

Body Wash

Body washes, like shower gels, are liquid cleansers that use mild surfactants to cleanse skin. They are more hydrating than bar soaps because they usually contain emollients (a.k.a. skin-softeners) and petrolatum (a common skin ointment) to help improve dryness.

If you’re an avid body wash user, look for mild body cleansers with rich moisturising properties that won’t strip your skin of essential nutrients – especially if you suffer from skin conditions like; acne, rosacea, eczema or even just sensitive skin.

Celltone has recently launched a brand new addition to its Tissue Oil range – the Celltone Tissue Oil Body Wash, which contains all the goodness of Celltone’s legendary tissue oil combined with a blend of the finest ingredients to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping it of moisture.

Traditional Soap

The good old trust bar soap we are all far to familiar with!

“By definition, soap is a long chain fatty acid alkali salt with a pH between 9 and 10,” says Dr. Fayne Frey, a board-certified dermatologist in West Nyack, New York. (For comparison, your skin’s pH is between 5 and 6.) “These bar cleansers are harsh on the skin, as they can remove the essential lipids and proteins found on the skin surface that help maintain your moisture barrier.”

Not all soaps are bad though. Natural soaps that contain essential oils, shea butter, jojoba oil or coconut oil are all incredibly moisturising – although a little on the pricy side.


At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference. Just remember, that cleansing the skin is only one part, bringing essential moisture back into the skin is another.Use either your favourite soap, or body wash in conjunction with Celltone’s new range of Tissue Oil body lotions or body butters to keep your skin looking its best.
About Celltone
Celltone Skin Care was launched more than 6 years ago and is a unique skin care range with products that address various skin care concerns including dark marks, wrinkles, spots and break outs and dehydrated skin.  It also has a range of quality sun screens.
The range’s hero product, the legendary Celltone Gel contains snail gel extract – which became a global skincare phenomenon after workers harvesting snails discovered their hands became softer, smoother and younger looking. Snail gel extract is used in many of the range’s products including its premium Tissue Oil and luxury face care range.

Celltone is a proudly home grown brand that looks to provide solutions to problems that are unique to the South African and African market but which are not effectively addressed by international brands.

Celltone Skin Care is the proud skin care and sun screen provider to the Proteas Cricket Team. Celltone also supports Gift of the Givers through its Celebrate and Donate takes part in the Care for the Caregiver programme. #begoodtoyourskin

Celltone is also available from Dischem, Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay, Game, RED Square, Edgars and Independent Pharmacies.

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