Going Green Time

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May 2, 2018
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More Than Moisture
May 7, 2018
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Going Green Time

Going Green Time

Going Green Time

Going Green Time!

As a new season approaches, freshen up your home in an
environmentally-friendly manner now.SoPure Naturally’s range of 98% plant-powered products gives us all an
opportunity to keep our households clean and green.

SoPure is a Health & Wellness company passionately and continually researching,
developing and manufacturing high-performance disinfection, allergy prevention & cleaning products. SoPure uses the latest cutting-edge technology and only the most natural and safe ingredients in all of their products.

Why switch from old generation cleaning products to new and natural?

While common, conventional cleaners may be cheaper in the short term, most of them come with a long-term price tag, compromised health. Historically, it can be seen that cleaning with toxic chemicals, not only has serious effects on us immediately and directly, they also end up right in our precious air and water
supply and the environment around us. The consequence is large scale exposure to harmful toxins, much more than we are even aware of.Ever heard the term “Green-Washing”? Want to know what it means? Many
brands claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ when they’re actually not. This is able to
be the case due to highly relaxed labeling laws worldwide. Be very careful and
mindful when purchasing your cleaning products, it could be worth more to you
than you realize.

Do natural products work?

A great misconception of cleaning products is that they must be harsh and
chemicalized to clean effectively. Natural products with plant-based active
ingredients could have even better results – and are certainly better for you.
Improved health, reduction in allergies and doctors visits are only some of the
reasons why natural cleaning products are a must in all homes. People want
health, safety and comfort, assurance that the home is a safe haven for everyone in it. Parents who want the best for their families would only want to bring their newborn baby into a home that is free from toxic residues or strong ammoniacal odours.Some real benefits of the switch to natural products are:
– Reduced exposure to toxins and chemicals
– Increased safety for use with children and animals
– Immediate improvement in air and water quality
– Environmental awareness and betterment

Looking for a natural alternative? Try the SoPure Naturally Range!

SoPure products are exactly what their name proclaims them to be – So pure!
Pure enough for your whole family to use and effective in protecting them from
bacteria, viruses, mosquitoes and dust mites. You’ll be happy to know, they’ve
put it all on the label conveniently for your information!Having faith in the quality of the SoPure range will give you peace of mind that
their products are keeping so many families healthy!
SoPure Naturally is a Health & Wellness company that passionately researches,
develops and manufactures high-performance disinfection, allergy prevention &
cleaning products using the latest cutting-edge technology because we live to make the world a better place.Try our products today and feel the difference! All our products are available right here in our online-store (delivered anywhere in SA) or at hundreds of retailers nationwide.

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