Defend & Protect: Advice from Dr. med Erich Schulte.

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April 26, 2018
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May 3, 2018
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Defend & Protect: Advice from Dr. med Erich Schulte.


Defend & Protect

Advice from Dr. med. Erich Schulte

Winter is a time when your skin needs extra care and support. Various factors influence the condition of your skin, but all of these can be combated when fought and protected by a healthy skin care regime.

However, you might be inundated with information about do’s and don’ts of skin care during the colder season, leaving you even more confused than before.

We asked Dr. med. Erich Schulte, an aesthetic surgeon, lecturer and international authority on skin aging and skin regeneration his thoughts on the matter. After all, he created QMS Medicosmetics so, he knows what he’s talking about.

Why does my skin type seem to change in the winter?

Harsh outdoor elements and central heating are not your skin’s friends and long-term exposure to stresses like changing humidity and dropping temperatures can affect the skin’s barrier function, leaving it thirsty and dull.

How can I, in a sense, heighten my skin’s barrier?

Upping your skincare regime will help to establish an efficient buffer and defence for your skin against winter’s dry skin cycle. The first step is to invest in targeted supplements that will help build strong cells to retain and attract water. I am religious about taking my Intravital Plus, which are nutricosmetic capsules that I designed specifically to improve the health and wellbeing of the skin. Making a few amendments to your diet by including anti-oxidant, omega 3 rich foods as well as drinking plenty of water also help to nourish from within.

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Next, get into a regular routine of exfoliation, hydration and protection.

In gently exfoliating a couple of times a week, you stimulate the skin cell renewal process so your complexion is kept fresh and youthful. There is nothing more aging than dull, dry skin so keep it nurtured.

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Finally, and an area that I am not so good at according to my wife – exercise more. This, of course, promotes circulation and gives your skin that rosy glow, but I think in my case, [my wife] is referring to my waistline.

How often should you have a facial in the winter months? 

Once a month is a good basis to work on. Winter is definitely a time when skin needs extra care and support. If you find your skin is getting drier, then take time for an extra [treatment].
We suggest:

The QMS SK Alpha Facial

The SK Alpha facial is amazing in winter as the thermal mask used during the treatment is designed for dull, asphyxiated and tired skin conditions. The treatment intensively stimulates, oxygenates and brightens the skins complexion while also lifting and firming the skin.
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