Aiding Sensitive Skin with Futurethis.

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Aiding Sensitive Skin with Futurethis.


Sensitive Skin

Futurethis’ Skin Specialist, Anel Engelke tells us everything we need to know about sensitive skin and how to treat it.

Skincare related ailments can be a nightmare, and if you have sensitive skin, treating breakouts, dryness, scars, marks and wrinkles, can cause added stress.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll be all too aware of the wide variety of emotional and environmental factors that can affect it – from a change of weather to household pets, stress and even dust. What can you do to aid sensitive skin and avoid aggravating it? Futurethis’ Skin Specialist, Anel Engelke answers our burning questions about sensitive skin.


What are the worst things you could do if you suffer from a particularly sensitive skin?

Aggressive cleansers that contain mineral oils aggravate the skin. Chemical products, peels, harsh microdermabrasion, over exfoliation – these are all things that irritate the skin. Harsh environmental conditions are not your friends either so try and avoid the air con and heater. Sunscreen is an absolute must!

Why does my skincare regime adversely affect my skin?

Simply put, this might be because you’re using the wrong products for your skin. Medication such as Roaccutane, Retinol, Cortisone or antibiotics may also inflame the skin. Of course, your lifestyle makes a huge impact on your skin as well as genetics.

Ingredients to look out for (and avoid!) in your skin care products:

  • Sulphate
  • Petrochemicals – mineral oils
  • Impure essential oils
  • Fragrances
  • Alcohols
  • Be careful of high vitamin A doses and synthetic AHA’s
  • Stimulating ingredients

What is the best sun protection for sensitive skin?

QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF50
Why? It is free from allergy-causing ingredients and strengthens the immune system of the skin. Its specialized ingredients enhance the protection and repair of cellular DNA.

Team Dr Joseph’s Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF 30
Suitable and safe to use for all skin types as well as for kids. Natural plant ingredients together with highly effective and innovative UVA/UVB filters are combined for maximum sun protection and hydration.

How do I treat sensitive skin?

First and foremost, you need to realize that the skin needs extra care to treat and manage this condition. A committed and effective skin care regime is needed to calm and care for your skin.

Start with the correct cleanser (No mineral oil, soaps or irritable ingredients). Make sure the skincare range is specifically focused on balancing the skin’s pH balance. Focus on calming the skin using high-tech skin care that is focused on anti-redness. Use products that improve the skin protective barrier, including broad spectrum SPF.

We recommend:

Team Dr Joseph’s Skin Calming Range

Skin Calming Cream – R1,050.00
Extra Sensitive Calming Serum – R1,120.00
Gentle Couperose Cream – R1,150.00
Intense Skin Calming Mask – R525.00
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