Comply: Where Comfort & Science Collide.

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Comply: Where Comfort & Science Collide.


Welcome to Comply’s World

where science and passion collide.

Rooted in unique viscoelastic memory foam technology, Comply’s tips conform to the shape of the ear canal at body temperature for a dynamic custom fit. Your ear canal shape and size change with movement and temperature. And now your earplugs can change with you.
Comply™ products are perfect for anyone and any lifestyle, from an audiophile to a traveller to an athlete to a gamer or to an extreme-sport enthusiast.
This true-fit seals in low frequency energy. It won’t leak bass resulting in richer sound. Materials are also engineered to provide optimal friction efficiency, so tips stay put within the ear.


Proprietary memory foam softens according to your body temperature, creating a custom seal. The foam then adjusts to any ear canal movement, resulting in the perfect seal, staying in place even when the canal is wet. Comply guarantees isolation and enhanced acoustics, meaning you can listen to music at lower volumes without sacrificing sound quality.

With multiple foam tips from the Sport, Audio Pro and Truly Wireless along with the Variety Packs, Comply allows you to move freely, hear more and listen to your favourite tunes for longer, with custom foam tips that suit your ear canal.



The founder behind the company has a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He developed the first FDA-approved cochlear implant, becoming an expert on how ear canals work. Leveraging his discoveries of the dynamic ear canal, Comply invented a dynamic foam tip to fit any canal. Audiophile or athlete; traveller or gamer; on a run, on a plane, on a battlefield, Comply is comfort, sound, isolation and protection like never before – critical communication to audiology breakthroughs.

For any lifestyle, Comply has the perfect tip for your ear. Precision-engineered shapes and exclusive materials give you the sound, fit and feel you crave, ensuring you get the most out of your earphones.
Comply Audio Pro – R349.00
Comply Sport Pro – R349.00
Comply Truly Wireless – R429.00
Variety Pack – R349.00
LUKSbrands is a lifestyle and accessory company headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg. Under the LUKSbrands distribution umbrella are international lifestyle brands: Skullcandy, Ogio, Neff, PAX, Lokai and Comply.
Based on the common thread of sports, music, art and fashion, the company specializes in the design, development, sales, and distribution of lifestyle apparel and accessories.

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