HANNON: Cold Weather Missteps You’re Making.

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HANNON: Cold Weather Missteps You’re Making.

Cold Weather Missteps your making

Cold Weather Missteps your making

Cold Weather Missteps You’re Making

Winter is a great excuse to bring out your best knits, thigh high boots and all your favourite accessories, but it’s also the season for dry skin, cakey makeup and frizzy hair!

Here are a few tips that will help you transition from Autumn to Winter with ease – hello fabulous!

Turn down the heat
It’s very tempting to turn your shower into a steam room when its freezing cold outside, but the hot water has a severely drying effect on our delicate skin. Stick to lukewarm water to not only retain the moisture in your skin, but too prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the future. And if you can’t turn down the heat, at least take a shorter shower!
Change your cleanser
Avoid soap-based cleansers as they suck your skin dry of its essential oils.

Everyone needs to try HANNON’s Makeup Cleansing Milk, R305 for 150ml. It’s a moisturising makeup remover that thoroughly removes makeup and cleanses the face of all impurities, leaving the skin clean, supple and soft.

Up your skincare game
No matter how expensive your foundation might be, it won’t look flawless on skin that’s flaky and dry. Keep skin soft and smooth with regular exfoliation. Steer clear of anything containing mini microbeads as they tend to be scratchy and can even cause microtears.

Try HANNON’s Gentle Enzyme Skin Peeler, R345 for 50ml, which contains a potent blend of papaya and pine apple to remove dead skin cells and reveal a youthful glow.

Your moisturizer shouldn’t have a mattifying finish, but rather something that’s light and dewy. Keep a thicker, heavier cream for the evening.

The HANNON Intense Hydrating Moisturiser With Moist 24, R380 for 50ml, continuously releases moisture molecules throughout the day so your skin is well-nourished, comfortable and radiant.

There’s no better time than right before bed to slather on a thick and creamy moisturiser. Your skin will regenerate and repair while you sleep, so you would definitely be doing yourself some good by using HANNON’s Night Crème Ultra Rich, R470 for 50ml, which provides a burst of moisture and nourishment that can only be fully absorbed while and when the body is in a state of rest and sleep.
Protect your hands
You do everything with your hands, so give them the TLC they deserve or you’ll spend the next few months with ragged nails and chapped skin. Give yourself a ‘handcial’ once a week with a nourishing balm and some cuticle oil.
Don’t go overboard with bronzer
As the cold sets in, and our pasty skin stands out, we all reach for the trusty bronzer! Instead of applying bronzer all over your face, lightly dust it over your cheeks, hairline and chin. Like contouring, this will create a shadow effect that is less harsh than over bronzing.

If you prefer a more natural glow, try HANNON’s Blusher in Sun Kiss, R230, for a subtle sunkissed finish.

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