Clarks: The Court Shoe.

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February 14, 2018
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February 20, 2018
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Clarks: The Court Shoe.


The Court Shoe

Comfortable, chic and sophisticated!
A court shoe is a perfect way to go from office to evening in no time.

Court shoes can sometimes be misconstrued as a difficult style item to wear. In reality, if you find yourself a stylish set of these flirty heels, you can pair them with virtually any outfit.

What is a court shoe?

Court shoes were initially worn in the royal courts many years ago, and this is where the modern name stems from. Made for royalty, the style quickly became popular throughout Britain, remaining a fashion staple even today.

Dinah Keer – Silver Metallic: R2,990.00
Court shoes are usually adorned with a kitten-sized heel and upwards. They are known for the high levels of comfort, as even ladies not accustomed to stiletto heels can don a court shoe. From chunky to slim, the heel size varies, depending on personal style. A heeled court shoe is worn for many different purposes. Whether it be to elongate the legs, make the wearer seem slightly taller or even tone the calf muscles, a court shoe is a multi-purpose footwear style every lady should have in her closet.

Many ladies prefer to steer away from heels, especially when wearing them throughout the day at the office. Swollen feet, aches and pains accompanied by marks and scars are just not worth it! Fortunately, with Clarks, that isn’t a problem.

Infused with Cushion Plus Technology, Clarks’s court heels offer the ultimate comfort for your feet.

Clarks’ Cushion Plus technology provides around the clock comfort without compromising on style. Dual density cushioning reduces strain on the ball of the foot, by absorbing the shock of every step.

A bespoke footbed

Cushion Plus is engineered to provide targeted underfoot cushioning to help make walking effortless. Clarks design three densities of Ortholite across the footbed to reduce strain and help the foot’s natural pivot action.


Dinah Keer

Dinah Keer is one of Clarks’ classic collections of flirty heels. Available in bright colourways of Coral Suede, Grey & Blue Interest, brilliant Silver Metallic and classic Black Leather, the Dinah Keer is a sophisticated heel that every lady, no matter the profession, can don to a variety of special occasions throughout the year.

The combination of the rubber sole and leather sock ensure maximum comfort, whilst its heel remains at a wearable, yet flirty height of 85mm.

Grey & Blue Interest – R1,890.00
Coral Suede – R1, 890.00

The Grace Eva

The Grace Eva heel offers a previously unexplored proposition: a shoe of elegant design, luxurious materiality and superb construction, all invested in enhancing the wearer’s well-being and personal style.

A shoe that will take you from day to night and become an essential wardrobe staple: a shoe for all occasions, a shoe for all women.

Grace Eva – R2,590.00
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Europa Art Group
An experience of style, sophistication and expertise when it comes to exquisitely crafted Italian Footwear and Brazilian sass. Inspired by Italian luxury and design, the Europa Art Group represents stylish footwear at its’ finest.

Under the illustrious umbrella of the Europa Art Group, Europa Art, Clarks, Preview – The Design Collection, Folli Follie and Sergio Tacchini are proud to be apart of the fashion-forward family.


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