MINISO: Become A Part of the Global Empire!

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MINISO: Become A Part of the Global Empire!


Franchising Opportunities

Do you want to be a part of the global empire?

Since the company’s inception in 2013, MINISO has expanded its brand to over 231 markets as of 2017 with over 2000 stores worldwide in countries such as China, the USA, the UK, the UAE, Australia, Malaysia and many more. South Africa has now been graced with the retail giant’s presence.
By 2020, MINISO aims to expand the brand to 100 countries with 10,000 stores and a $20 billion turnover. Locally, the brand is aiming to develop over 200 stores, creating countless employment opportunities.
MINISO purchases materials from all over the world for the purpose of providing their loyal consumers with safer and more reliable commodities at lower prices.

MINISO designs and manufactures authentic products at competitive prices but by no means compromise on quality. Guided by a simple philosophy, MINISO constantly improves itself and chooses materials from all over the world by massive global procurement, so as to offer safer and more reliable products for daily use at lower prices. 80% of the design in MINISO is from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and so forth. MINISO is confident that they can bring consumers happiness in shopping. The brand’s overarching goal is to consistently deliver on quality.

MINISO tries to improve the design of products while making sure that the prices are reasonable. They hope to serve as a compass and point towards a “basic and simple” direction, providing their mass global consumer with practical products and aesthetic design.

Store requirements:


Standard Area: Over 200m2 (which can be adjusted based on local conditions).

Site selection standards: Street stores, stores in shopping malls etc.

Requirements for street stores:
MINISO looks for commercial and pedestrian streets with an intensive flow of population and high frequency of consumption; business sites that are near large population gathering areas like communities and college towns.

Requirements for stores in shopping malls:
Large commercial complexes are preferred, while ordinary shopping malls with businesses of the same kind can also be considered; shops located in the site with major consumer flow can attract people’s attention; malls which attract a young crowd are sought after however, strong purchasing power in local shopping centres are considered overall.

Cooperation Policies

In the designated country, each market will be franchised with one exclusive agent, which will be authorised to develop “MINISO” in its prescribed region. Prior to receiving the agency authorisation, the exclusive agent will have the full rights to develop the sub-franchisees in its own market.

Qualifications needed to be a MINISO General Agent:
•    Recognition of MINISO and its products.
•    Rich investment capital.
•    Extensive experience in international trade as well as the retail industry.
•    Social resources in the local market such as excellent site selection or close relations with customs and the local government.

MINIISO aims at developing over 200 stores in South Africa, creating countless employment opportunities. Do you want to be a part of this empire?

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