Skullcandy’s Lightweight Sport Earbuds.

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Skullcandy’s Lightweight Sport Earbuds.


Skullcandy Launches New Lightweight Sport Earbuds
With Adaptive Fit XTfree Wireless And XTplyo

LUKSbrands and Skullcandy continue to deliver on the promise of technology‐based breakthroughs with the latest additions to their Sport Performance line, XTfree™ wireless and XTplyo™ earbuds for men and women.

Skullcandy designed the innovative XTfree and XTplyo to meet the demands of high intensity interval training ‐ a common training methodology shared across Skullcandy’s diverse roster of athletes. The result is products that enhance even the most intense training sessions through category leading durability, stability and leading audio quality.

“Whether you’re a weekend warrior preparing for your first 10K running race or a World class athlete, we believe music helps athletes reach their full potential and accomplish their goals. This inspiration was at the center of our product development efforts. We get the chance to collaborate with World‐class athletes. The XTfree and XTplyo products are built to perform during the high intensity workouts that form the backbone of their training.” said Skullcandy Chief Commercial Officer, Sam Paschel. “We knew if we could satisfy these athletes’ needs that we could make the most durable and secure products in the World available to anyone.”


The pinnacle product in the category, XTfree, debuts Skullcandy’s MicroSport™ Tech ‐ Bluetooth® functionality. At under 16 grams, the XTfree is one of the lowest profile and lightest earbuds available. These high‐performance wireless sport earbuds include an OnBoard™ microphone and remote that allows the user to take calls, adjust volume and control their music while working out. The XTfree also has six‐hour battery life to meet the needs of long training sessions.

Participating in explosive or rapid movement is key for the high performance athlete. That’s why both the XTfree and XTpylo utilize TripleLock™ Tech, Skullcandy’s trifecta of proprietary technologies that work together to keep your earbuds securely in place ‐ no matter the activity. The latest of these innovations is Skullcandy’s FitFin™ Tech, which unlike other brands’ more rigid solutions, leverages an adaptive solution to push against the curves of any ear shape and lock the earbud in place, enabling the most custom out‐of‐the‐box fit in the market. Skullcandy’s new Sport products also embody durability through the physical construction of the earbuds, which are sonically welded to keep out moisture like sweat and rain.

At R1 599.00 and R499.00 respectively, the XTfree and XTplyo are Skullcandy’s lightest and most secure wireless sport earbuds that offer a secure and sweat resistant fit that can survive your most intense workouts. Delivering ultimate security, durability, and the soundtrack that inspires you to reach your goals and full potential.

LUKSbrands is a lifestyle and accessory company headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg. Under the LUKSbrands distribution umbrella are international lifestyle brands: Skullcandy, Ogio, Neff, PAX, Lokai and Comply.
Based on the common thread of sports, music, art and fashion, the company specializes in the design, development, sales, and distribution of lifestyle apparel and accessories.

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