Futurethis & Sun Protection!

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November 1, 2017
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Futurethis & Sun Protection!


Sun protection during summer!

Enjoying time outdoors is very important to one’s health. Although the sun can barely be avoided throughout the year, summer is an especially hazardous time for our skin.

The sun is one of the biggest causes of premature skin aging; its effects go beyond the surface damage of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of density and uneven skin tone to deeper layers where it can alter the health of skin cells and blood vessels. Remember every minute you are in the sun your skin registers it.

SPF – Sun Protection Factor
Protection from sunburn is important however it is not the overarching reason for lathering on the sunscreen. Skin cancer is a fatal disease! A common misconception is that darker skins do not burn therefore is immune to sun damage. Although higher concentrations of melanin contain more SPF, it only protects the skin to a certain extent. Whether you see the burn or not, your skin is always harmed by sun exposure.
Top Tips from Futurethis:

  • Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF values of 15 or higher.
  • Avoid the sun – especially between 10am and 3pm as this is when ultraviolet rays are the strongest.
  • Hydrate with antioxidant rich products to repair and protect.
To counteract the accumulated damage done by the sun over the years, Futurethis has compiled a list of essential skin care products to effectively protect your skin during the summer – and throughout the rest of the year too!

Intravital Plus Capsules

Leading the way in nutricosmetics, Intravital Plus offers skin regeneration from a supplement. Each capsule contains all necessary vitamins to recondition, regenerate and protect the skin’s structure from within.

The high proportion of beneficial ingredients including Hydrolysed Collagen, vital vitamins and precious micronutrients, ensure an improvement in skin quality and a general feeling of wellbeing, beauty and vitality from a capsule.

60 Capsules – R710.00

Sport Active Cream

A lightly tinted day cream with SPF and an exclusive combination of vitamins. Its unique formulation makes it suitable for all skin tones, covering imperfections and giving your skin a natural glow. The SPF and exclusive combination of vitamins ensure the skin stays fit the whole year round.

30ml – R835.00

Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50+

Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 is a lightweight formulation with balanced UVA/UVB protection and a DNA-Repair Complex that provides protection against sunburn and premature light-induced skin aging. The DNA of the skin cells are protected and the skin’s DNA repair mechanisms are activated.

30ml – R1,060.00

Daily Cellular Protection Hand Cream SPF 10

Team Dr Joseph is a completely natural, holistic skin care brand, made entirely from organic ingredients. The Daily Cellular Protection Hand Cream contains a sun protection factor and highly effective plant extracts for beautiful and nourished hands every day.

50ml – R260.00
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