MINISO: A Reflection on Life.

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September 26, 2017
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MINISO: A Reflection on Life.


A Reflection on Life.

With the alarm chirping, you open your eyes to the bright sunshine of the warm summer’s morning. You make your way to the kitchen, pouring yourself a cup of warm, milky coffee in your absolute favourite mug. You scroll through your social media feeds and instantly know where you will be spending your Saturday morning. With practically your whole home adorned with MINISO goodies, you can simply never have enough!

MINISO focuses on fashionable and leisure articles for daily use, including creative home furnishings, health and beauty, accessories, office supplies, sporting goods, seasonal gifts and electronic products which cover every aspect of daily life.

MINISO is not only a brand but a lifestyle. It does not blindly follow fashion trends, thinking that popular brands should be expensive. In contrast, MINISO develops products from a forward-thinking perspective. Their designs return to the nature of products, offers authentic and affordable products, and meets people’s desire for a high standard of living – all whilst never breaking the bank!

MINISO hopes to serve as a compass and point towards a “basic and simple” direction, providing global consumers with efficient yet practical products.

MINISO puts their consumers above all else. Nothing is more important to the highly-acclaimed brand than the people who walk through the doors of the more than 2000 stores across the globe.

Quality products originate from reflections about life.

Inspired by nature, MINISO pays attention to resource conservation and environmental protection while they pursue the production of high quality goods. They strive to combine fine design with nature, drawing the environment and the importance of sustaining Mother Nature into the ritual of daily life.

Regardless of seasons, life is always about the wonderful scenery.

 In MINISO stores, customers feel the excellent quality of goods, share the unique and eclectic shopping experience with the brand’s warm and thoughtful services and enjoy a delightful time. No matter the MINISO store, you can be assured that your shopping experience will be identical in merit. It is a pleasure to share such a simple and happy life with all of their consumers!
Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
Norwood Mall
Maponya Mall
Golden Walk Shopping Centre
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