Celltone: Summer Skin Care Essentials!

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September 14, 2017
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Celltone: Summer Skin Care Essentials!


Summer Skin Care Essentials

Summer can be a glorious time – filled with days by the beach, lounging by the pool and tons of sun. The sun doesn’t have to be a feared enemy, but keeping it a distant acquaintance can prove difficult especially during the warmer months. Locally, South Africa is known for its harsh, subtropical climate and an effective skin care regime during the summer is necessary to avoid breakouts, wrinkles, scarring, sun burn and eventually, skin cancer.

Celltone, skincare innovators, have put together a list of their daily product essentials that should be incorporated into your skin care regime in order to provide the proper protection and treatment of your skin when it is most vulnerable – during summer!



1. Celltone Face Wash
With higher temperatures come increased levels of humidity. This leads to higher levels of oil production by the sebaceous glands. Under normal environmental conditions, the skin’s natural oils can be beneficial – hydrating and protecting the skin. However, in summer, there is sometimes too much of a good thing.
Celltone’s Face Wash contains mild surfactants to cleanse and remove residue on the skin. Rich in Vitamins E & B5 and infused with chamomile, jasmine and witch hazel extracts, it moisturises and conditions the skin.


2. Celltone XTRA Hydrating Treatment

The sun’s rays drastically dehydrate the skin. Thus, a richly-textured moisturiser is essential to both strengthen and protect the skin.

This XTRA Hydrating Treatment contains silky emollients which improve the water channels into the skin. In drier climates, the barrier functions of the skin will be improved to prevent water loss. Shea butter and argan oil provide richness in the cream without clogging the pores.


3. Celltone Adult Sunscreen SPF50 Waterproof*

Heavy and oily sunscreens can contribute to breakouts and an excessively shiny complexion. Unique in its ingredients, Celltone’s Sunscreen with SPF50 combines the finest skin care science with superior sun care ingredients to create a sun screen range that not only protects the skin but is actually good for it.

Remember to ensure you cover every part of your face, including your hairline as this particularly sensitive area is prone to sunburn.


4. Tissue Oil**

In summer, dark spots known as melasma can appear on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. This can be contributed to sun damage. Celltone’s Tissue Oil is formulated to reduce the appearance of scars, marks and stretch marks.

As an extra treat during the sunnier months, Celltone’s Tissue Oil soothes dehydrated and sunburnt skin. It also adds the perfect sun-kissed glow when applied on the legs before a night out.


*Celltone Sunscreen range ALSO includes:

  • Adult Sunscreen SPF30 – R179.99
  • Kiddies Waterproof Sunscreen SPF50 – R249.99
  • Baby Sunscreen SPF50 – R199.99
**Celltone’s Tissue Oil is available in the following sizes:


  • 60ml – R99.90
  • 125ml – R149.90
  • 200ml – R199.90
About Celltone
Celltone Skin Care was launched more than 6 years ago and is a unique skin care range with products that address various skin care concerns including dark marks, wrinkles, spots and break outs and dehydrated skin.  It also has a range of quality sun screens.
The range’s hero product, the legendary Celltone Gel contains snail gel extract – which became a global skincare phenomenon after workers harvesting snails discovered their hands became softer, smoother and younger looking. Snail gel extract is used in many of the range’s products including its premium Tissue Oil and luxury face care range.Celltone is a proudly home grown brand that looks to provide solutions to problems that are unique to the South African and African market but which are not effectively addressed by international brands.

Celltone Skin Care is the proud skin care and sun screen provider to the Proteas Cricket Team. Celltone also supports Gift of the Givers through its Celebrate and Donate takes part in the Care for the Caregiver programme. #begoodtoyourskin

Celltone is also available from Dischem, Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay, Game, RED Square, Edgars and Independent Pharmacies.

For purchasing enquries, please visit: www.celltone.co.za.
For more information, please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za.

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