Folli Follie: The Glow Rays Collection.

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Folli Follie: The Glow Rays Collection.


The Glow Rays Collection

Folli Follie distributes its unique and exquisite brand of jewellery, watches, bags, and other fashion accessories throughout 24 countries, spanning more than 480 points of sale. Launched in its native Greece in 1982, and fuelled with early and unprecedented success both within and outside of those borders, the company’s brand identity has long been steered by a deep global sensibility.

Today, Folli Follie’s core philosophy is the original design and sale of a fun, versatile, and affordable luxury collections designed to meet the varied and dynamic needs of trend-conscious women and girls worldwide – and now locally within South Africa.

Glow Rays is one of the brand’s most classic and beloved collections.
Let your look shine with style with the jewellery pieces from the “Glow Rays” collection by Folli Follie. A shimmering curtain of bright metallic fringes reflect the beams of light on impressive gold and silver-plated pieces.Inspired by the roaring 1920’s era, all the creations represent the characteristic carefree spirit of this epoch. The opulent designs with the long thin chains let your jewellery not only sparkle but also move freely according to your mood. An ideal choice for a dance party in a perfect little cocktail dress or even a muted t-shirt for a more dressed down, yet stylish look at the office.
Choker Style With Fringe – Short Necklace
Timeless and elegant, the silver or gold-plated necklace from Glow Rays Collection by Folli Follie will uplift your look instantly. Designed to reflect the light thanks to the shimmering curtain of bright metallic fringes, it is sure to create envy-inducing looks from your friends.

Silver or Gold-plated Long Necklace
The silver or gold-plated necklace from Glow Rays Collection by Folli Follie will transform any outfit into an unforgettably chic one. The double metallic fringes combined with a solid silver or gold chain result in a truly Folli Follie statement piece.

Chocker Style – Short Necklace
Available in either silver or gold, this choker style necklace from the Glow Rays collection elegantly combines solid chains along with the fringe effect unique to this collection. The result? A perfect, eye-catching design of an otherwise classic piece.



 Silver-plated Long Earrings
The perfect pair of earrings to match any silver-plated piece from the Glow Rays collection. These Long Earrings from the beloved Folli Follie jewellery range can be coupled with a similar necklace or worn on their own with a muted or neutral outfit as a dazzling accessory.

About FF Group:
The FF Group creates fashion globally and has established a strong presence with more than 980 points of sale and employing almost 5,000 people worldwide.
Europa Art Group
An experience of style, sophistication and expertise when it comes to exquisitely crafted Italian Footwear and Brazilian sass. Inspired by Italian luxury and design, Europa Art Group represents fashion-forward accessories, apparel and footwear at its finest.
Folli Follie
Nelson Mandela Square
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Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
012 348 4949
Canal Walk
021 555 0811
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