Sergio Tacchini Experiments With Colours & Fabrics!

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August 22, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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Sergio Tacchini Experiments With Colours & Fabrics!


Colour combinations, structures & textures of
Sergio Tacchini

Since the brand’s inception in 1966, the Milan-based sportswear brand, Sergio Tacchini, has strived to experiment with colours and fabrics and create elegant and stylish tennis wear. The project expanded to other sportswear styles and finally, introduced leisurewear as well.

With athleisure styles booming in the fashion world, 2017 has been the year of performance fabrics, premium materials and neutral colour palettes. Sergio Tacchini has been at the forefront of this trend for years before the likes of Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing tracksuits and polo shirts.

Fun and visually striking, the Italian brand draws inspiration from some the greatest athletes that stemmed from tennis. The sportswear brand prides themselves on quality thus intensive research is done on items, colours and materials to create milestone collections and the themes which compose them. Expert designers only start formulating the collection and graphics once they are completely satisfied with the quality of their designs. Colour combinations, structures and textures of Sergio Tacchini pieces are expertly crafted to create fashion-forward statement pieces that reflect the brand’s high standards.
Solid white colour blocks deliver a striking touch that remain a key charateristic of the leisurewear brand. Exceptional quality combined with extreme comfort result in the sought-after athleisure look which grace the streets of New York and Milan, donned by the most stylish celebrities.
In colour palettes classic to Sergio Tacchini, white, blue and red are teamed with the premium seasonal colours of tangergine orange and pastel yellows. Embroidered lines are very clean cut in a matte finish interlock fabric. The polo shirts have no graphics on the chest to leave room for unique customization to any stylish outfit.


The mixture of colours – inspiring elements to be worn by the everyday man who appreaciates classic, yet chic fashion pieces – characterises this top of the range collection. The polo shirt is based on the timeless Sergio Tacchini model, but in a fresh, new line, introducing bright pops of colour on an otherwise classic design.


The clean style and cuffed sleeves make this an elegant model, completed by the stylish minimalist collar on the polo. The collar of the polo is engineered for optimum breathability and exceptional comfort.
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