Celltone: Spot Control.

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July 3, 2017
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July 5, 2017
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Celltone: Spot Control.

Stubborn spots, breakouts and acne are the most common skin conditions among teenagers. What few people realise is that they affect adult skin as well.

Celltone’s Spot Treatment is a skincare range that is suitable for both problematic teenage and adult skins. It helps to keep pores open so as to prevent acne from forming.  The main concept of this range is to create clear and healthy skin – keeping the skins barrier and acid mantle intact and ensuring that the pH of the skin is low so as not to create an environment for unhealthy germ growth.


The skincare range contains acne-fighting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil which help to kill acne-causing bacteria, exfoliate dead skin cells, control oil production and decrease inflammation.

It used to be considered that acne-prone skin needs to be dehydrated. Many products on the market contain ingredients such as alcohol, which not only dry out the skin, but cause inflammation. Moisture in the skin helps to keep pores open and reduce sebum production so that blemishes do not form, so the skin needs to be hydrated and supplemented with moisturiser.

This range provides optimal moisturisation with ingredients such as Argan Oil and Shea Butter, which hydrate the skin from the surface.

There are five products in the Celltone Spot Treatment Range: Celltone Spot Treatment Cleanser, Celltone Spot Treatment Toner, Celltone Spot Treatment Moisturiser and Celltone Spot Blitzer and Celltone Intensive Spot Control Serum.
Celltone Spot Treatment Cleanser
A gentle and refreshing face wash formulated to cleanse the skin of excess oil.

  • Mild surfactants that won’t leave skin feeling tight
  • Contains Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide, known for their spot fighting properties
  • Tea Tree Oil fights germs

Price: R199.90  (100ml) 

Celltone Spot Treatment Toner
A mild, yet effective skin tonic that conditions the skin after cleansing, reducing excessive shine and oiliness.

  • Non-alcoholic toner will not dry out skin
  • Restores and balances pH of the skin to restore the skin’s natural acid mantle
  • Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic acid to fight spot causing germs on the skin

Price: R199.90  (100ml) 


Celltone Spot Treatment Moisturiser
Provides moisturisation using a special formulation of glycerine, Argan Oil and Shea Butter to hydrate and moisturise without increasing oiliness or causing further spots and breakouts.

  • Non-comedogenic ingredients
  • Non greasy formulation
  • Argan Oil and Shea Butter provide moisturisation
  • Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid prevent the growth of spot causing germs
  • Contains added Vitamins A, E and C as anti-oxidants

Price: R199.90  (100ml) 

Celltone Spot Blitzer
For use on stubborn spots and breakouts.

  • Fast Acting
  • Spot Drying Formulation

Price: R149.90  (10ml) 

Celltone Intensive Spot Control Serum
Serum provides essential moisturisation to ensure the skin does not dry out and is applied directly to the area of concern

  • Limits sebum production
  • Reduces oiliness and shine
  • Fights spot causing germs
  • Maintains healthy PH level

Price: R599.90 (30ml)

For purchasing enquiries, please visit www.celltone.co.za
For more information, please contact info@redmarketing.co.za


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