What does it mean to be an independent AVON Sales Representative?

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May 18, 2017
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May 22, 2017
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What does it mean to be an independent AVON Sales Representative?

What does it mean to be an independent AVON Sales Representative?


There are a lot of benefits to coming on board as an independent Avon Sales Representative. What exactly does it mean to work as independent Representative? You learn a lot of different skills! Below, we look at the top three threads that underpin working as an independent Sales Representative.


1. How much you earn is up to you – how much time, resources and effort you put towards your Avon business is completely at your discretion. Need it simply to subsidise some extra income, then the hours are flexible enough that you can work on other projects and your Avon business too! Want to go out and use Avon to be your primary source of income? That can certainly be done as well!

“With AVON I am happy, beautiful, debt-free. I have money, I buy things cash, stress-free. I meet new people every day and can afford my child’s education without taking out a loan. Thank you, Avon!”– Brenda Buthelezi.

2. You’ll learn a bundle of practical skills – while you’re working, you’ll gather a significant amount of business skills. Successful Representatives learn how to network and market their products.

“I never lie. I never make out that it is easy. I say it’s hard work but rewarding, satisfying and you make a lot of money and a lot of friends along the way.”– Julia Karr, Independent Sales Representative.

3. It’s more than just selling beauty products – it’s a network. Learning how to succeed and make people feel good about themselves at the same time.

“My goal for my business is to make sure that woman come to me, walk out feeling special and beautiful.”- Misty Schultz independent Sales Representative.



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