RED Marketing’s Brand Refresh!

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April 28, 2017
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RED Marketing’s Brand Refresh!

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The Aston Martin DB9, the Mazda RX-8, iTunes Music Store, trucker caps, renewed popularity of the fedora, and even velour tracksuits – 2003 was a year of creating icons and trends. It was also the year RED Marketing opened its doors – offering its unique take on marketing services for South African businesses.


A youthful, talented marketing manager, Daniel Calbacho, cut his teeth on fashion brands such as Guess Jean and Calvin Klein. He gained extensive international retail experience opening Guess stores in various locations in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2003, he took the leap to leverage his experience and open his marketing firm, “Redefine Evolve Direct,” trading as “RED Marketing”- Building Brands.

The brief story of the evolution of the RED brand, its offering and the culture of an agency focused on cultivating the perfect personality for its clients.




The Evolution of RED over the years has seen the brand grow from a marketing and advertising firm to a fully-fledged through-the-line brand strategy and communications agency. From the moment RED Marketing signed its first client in 2003, the brand lived its three pillars of brand management: Redefining how its clients presented themselves to the world, Evolving perceptions and realities and Directing the conversation and thought process. Today, in 2017, those core focal points haven’t changed. Over the years, we’ve seen the introduction, and rapid growth of communication nuances, such as social media and RED has cultivated their thinking to not only keep up with the change but thrive in the innovation as well.

The original logo (above) was envisioned to represent the striking and defining elements which outlined who they were. Over time, RED made it their policy to continuously redefine and reinvent themselves, which not only included their offering and services but their visual appearance too.

In 2012, RED began the project to refresh their brand, leading up to a monumental 10-year anniversary; they unveiled the RED Marketing corporate identity that has served them well for the last five years.


Moving on, RED retained the concept of the incomplete elements to show that they could take any brand, any concept or any idea and build from it. The seemingly incomplete letters represented the fact that RED thrives on building a solution, taking whatever their clients had to work with and make something bold, beautiful and brave – a brand they could be proud of.


The world has moved on, it never stops. The DB9, although iconic, has been superseded by the DB11 and fedoras are now a fashion faux pas, but RED never stops wondering “what is next?” What will our brands and their consumers want next? Much like the world, building brands, growing relationships and establishing trust never stops. And neither does RED.


This weekend they quietly unveiled their new brand identity for 2017. “We’re taking our story to a molecular level,” says Daniel. “Building a brand needs to come from the heart and soul and be embedded right in a brands DNA.”


RED Marketing focuses on understanding their client’s internal operations as well as what they do. Their plan – to be a trusted business partner with each of the companies they work with; looking at the molecules that make their dynamic formula work even better. Once RED has their unique pattern clearly defined, they set to work – mixing up the perfect solution while incorporating their specialisations: strategy, events, web design, SEO, copywriting, social media management, public relations, and crisis management are just some of the dynamic skills they have on offer. RED combines just the right amount of each one of these elements to match the unique needs of their individual client’s formula.




Today, RED reintroduces you to the new RED Marketing look. An agency that is tried and trusted, who continues to grow with the world, the industry and the needs of their clients.



RED’s taking brand strategy to a scientific level and is ready to find out what makes you tick. They build brands. Is yours next?


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