HANNON Hails New Products!

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May 3, 2017
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May 11, 2017
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HANNON Hails New Products!

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HANNON Hails New Products

Hannon Bothma exceeds his title of ‘Glam Guru’ at media event for recently unveiled products.

Hosted in HANNON’s very own ‘Glam Guru’ set, an array of media publications were treated to a live tutorial on the best makeup, skin and haircare tips from Hannon. The studio lights gleamed gold, music wafted through the air and we were enchanted by the brand-new products showcased on the stage.


Prepping the model, Hannon cleansed, toned and moisturized her face.

Hannon’s Top Tip:

After the age of 35, a collagen serum is a must!

Our bodies produce drastically less of the protein after 35 thus aging ensues. To keep the skin plump, youthful and radiant whilst retaining its elasticity, Hannon suggests their holy grail skincare product: COLLAGEN SMOOTHING SERUM – a powerful booster to minimize the signs of aging. Fine lines are reduced by 29% in 28 days.

For extra moisture, HANNON lightly sprayed their brand-new SCAR REPAIR TISSUE OIL on the model’s arms. Launched earlier this year, HANNON’s Tissue Oil is rapidly absorbed to increase skin’s rehydration levels and to help reduce and prevent scarring and stretch marks.





Hannon’s Top Tip:

When donning the oh-so-popular smoky eye, first apply the eyeshadow and then your foundation. This way, you can clear any eyeshadow fallout prior to foundation application.

The DUO SHADOW SMOKY EYES palette perfects and simplifies the dramatic makeup look. Apply the darker shadow in the crease of your eyes and blend, blend, blend! For some dimension, pop the lighter shade right in the inner corner of the eye.

A red lipstick remains a classic throughout the ages. HANNON’s ETERNAL RED LIPSTICK, launched late last year, is a deep ruby shade with a satin finish – a youthful pop of colour to the lips.

A soft colour to the cheeks is recommended so as not to overpower the whole look. A swipe of HANNON’s PEACHY BLUSHER, an ombre shade of coral pink is all that is needed.

Finally, to set the makeup, Hannon completed the look with MOISTURE SEAL – their first, and oldest, product in the HANNON range with a revamped, new look.




The SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER were also on display. Developed for chemically straightened hair, this range ensures hair remains glossy post-blow out. The absence of sulphate makes this shampoo ideal and gentle enough to promote longevity and lustre to hair that is chemically straightened. The lack of Sodium Chloride also means it does not dry out the hair, making it the perfect complement to coloured locks.


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