Hannon Bothma’s Expert Advice – Moisturising in the Winter

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Hannon Bothma’s Expert Advice – Moisturising in the Winter


Hannon Bothma’s Expert Advice – Moisturising in the Winter


When winter hits, we layer our blankets and jackets, but we sometimes forget to protect our skin. While the weather might be terrible, your skin doesn’t have to be. For some of us, winter means our makeup remains picture-perfect throughout the day. For others, the colder temperatures bring dry, flaky and tight skin.

HANNON is here to help! Hannon Bothma himself shares his expert advice on winter skin and what you can do to combat the adverse effects of colder weather.

“Skin becomes dry in winter because our sebaceous glands become sluggish in a colder environment. Sebaceous glands are responsible for distributing sebum on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture loss. In other words, less sebum means more moisture loss, resulting in dry, sensitive skin.”

Whether oily, normal or dry, HANNON has a moisturiser for every skin type!

Hydralite Moisturiser

Living up to its name, HANNON’s Hydralite Moisturiser is a light, yet effective facial cream. Developed for the ideal skin type – normal skin – this moisturiser is for the person whose skin has no real dry or oily challenges.

Hannon says: “With the incorrect moisturiser it is possible to transform your skin into a dry or oily skin type. The delicate balance of moisture of the skin type should be a priority. In most cases, someone with a normal skin type should stay on the Hydralite Moisturiser during winter. They might have to apply it a bit thicker than during summer but should not swap it out unless the skin becomes drastically dry.”

Oil Control Moisturiser

The worst skincare mistake one can make is assuming an oily skin does not need a moisturiser.

Hannon says: It is important to distinguish the difference between moisture and oil. Moisture relates to the water content in the skin which gives the skin a plumped effect. Oil relates to the amount of sebum on the skin which is responsible for keeping the surface of the skin elastic, locking in moisture and protecting the skin against micro- organisms and bacteria which could be harmful.”

The Oil Control Moisturiser provides the skin with adequate moisture but also contains powder-like ingredients which act like an absorbent for oil, reducing the dreaded ‘shiny effect’.

Intense Hydrating Moisturiser


The powerful ingredient, Moist24, continuously releases moisture over a 24-hour period, making a rich, nourishing crème for drier skin types.

Hannon says: “This powerful moisturiser contains sealing ingredients which act similarly to the skin’s natural sebum thus preventing moisture loss. The result: a healthy, radiant complexion.”

Balancing Moisturiser

The Night Crème Ultra Rich

Hannon says: “This most certainly is the holy grail winter moisturiser because it is suitable for all skin types. It provides the necessary moisture shortfall during the night if by any change your day moisturiser is inadequate.”

For purchasing enquiries, visit: www.hannon.co.za.


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