Futurethis: Natural Treatments for the Eyes & Lips.

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May 19, 2017
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Futurethis: Natural Treatments for the Eyes & Lips.

Natural Treatments for the Eyes & Lips.

When the temperature drops, so do the moisture levels in our skin. As the seasons change, your skincare routine should too. You might swap out your light-weight moisturiser, for a thicker, creamier one to protect your skin against the adverse consequences of winter. This includes flaking, dryness and an overall tightness. Although your skin is the largest organ of the body, dry lips and a dehydrated under-eye area can induce a dramatically aged appearance.

Team Dr Joseph ensures pure luxury for the skin with their natural, plant-based products. Believing that no laboratory is greater than their garden, nothing is more important to them than carefully capturing nature’s diversity and creativity. That is why Team Dr Joseph’s products are so high-quality. They not only provide moisturisers specifically for these areas of your face but Futurethis also imparts their expert advice on how to best care for your eyes and lips.

The first step towards resilient and vital skin is learning its demands.


For your eyes, the team recommends:

  • Be as gentle as possible while removing your make-up, avoiding aggressive products.
  • The area around the eyes needs moisturising products with highly efficient active ingredients.
  • For a fresh start in the morning, put a cold and wet towel on your eyes for a few minutes.
  • Tap the cream gently under and around the eye area.
  • The area around the eyes react particularly sensitive to sodium, so try to avoid particularly salty foods.
TDJ Daily Vitalizing Eye Treatment.
R650.00An intensively moisturising eye treatment with highly effective natural ingredients.



For your lips, the team recommends:

  • Pamper your lips with moisturising care to prevent them from drying out, cracking and roughness.
  • Always apply a layer of lip cream before applying lipstick.
  • Gently massage your lips with a brush and warm water to remove dead skin cells (not more than once a week).
  • Kiss at every occasion – it stimulates the blood circulation in your lips
  • Proceed cautiously; never chew on your lips. Injuries can occur and your lips can become hypersensitive.
TDJ Intense Hyaluronic Lip Treatment
R525.00An intensively moisturizing lip care with highly effective ingredients and natural Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin intensively moisturised, in particular, the upper skin layers (epidermis), thus making it an anti-aging, power ingredient.



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