Futurethis: Advice For Teenage Skin.

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Futurethis: Advice For Teenage Skin.




Advice for Acne-Prone Teenage Skin.


Puberty, and the effects thereof can often riddle young skin with unwanted acne, scars and marks. Problematic skin can not only cause teenagers to suffer from low self-esteem, but it can often be painful and sore.

It is estimated over 80% of teenagers suffer from some form of breakout or severe acne. Teen acne is usually triggered by an increase in hormone levels, which sends oil production into overdrive.


Dr. med Erich Schulte, Founder of QMS Medicosmetics, says:
“To help prevent any long-term damage, focus on a regular routine of effective deep pore-cleansing (a build-up of oil and dead skin cells creates the perfect environment for acne and clogged pores to flourish); avoid using skin aggravating ingredients that weaken the skin’s protective barrier function and include a non-abrasive exfoliation system that both clarifies blocked pores and stimulates cell production.”

QMS Recommends:

Deep Cleansing & Freshening Tonic:



The skin has an acid mantle which acts as a protective layer against harmful bacterial infections. These bacterial infections lead to pimples and can lead to post-acne scarring if the skin’s acid mantle is broken down.

Deep Cleansing & Freshening Tonic boosts the skin’s own protective functions by strengthening the skin’s acid mantle. It gently cleanses deep into the pores without stripping the skin of its natural nutrients, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Active ingredients penetrate the skin, so cleansing and toning is a vital part of a good skin care routine at home.

Top tip: Make sure you cleanse and tone the skin twice a day to remove excess oils and dirt that could lead to blackheads and congestion.


Dermabrasive Gel:



Regular exfoliation with a natural fruit acid is the preferred form of exfoliation. The acidic formulation kills bacteria and at the same time, treats and prevents pimples and blackheads. The highly effective exfoliating fluid is formulated for highly sensitive skin (so ideal for teenage skin) as its anti-inflammatory complex relieves irritations and soothes the skin.



Repair 3 Complex


As an oil in water emulsion, this light textured moisturizer is effective in reducing irritation while at the same time providing moisture to the skin. The skin’s protective functions are made stronger against harmful influences that can aggravate acne-prone skin and thus prevent post-acne scarring.


Intravital – Capsules

Specifically designed to complement QMS topical treatment, Intravital Plus aids in inflamed skin conditions and helps to treat scarring on a deeper level in the skin.  By taking 1 capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon, it ensures an overall better skin quality. Intravital contains all necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to ensure maximum efficacy and proper functioning of the skin.




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