Futurethis: Team Dr Joseph Releases Two New Products!

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March 23, 2017
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Futurethis: Team Dr Joseph Releases Two New Products!

Team Dr Joseph Releases Brand New Products!


The liver, kidneys and lungs are important detox organs and they are usually known to us as such. And the skin? Simply forgotten, all too often. Nevertheless, our skin is our great communicator. A healthy skin lies at the basis of positive radiance and a youthful glow.

Embedded in a system of altering, changing cells – from the subcutaneous tissue to the epidermis – our skin deserves our full attention. This can be provided by an effective, natural and high-tech skincare line like Team Dr Joseph, which is harmonized with individual requirements for each unique skin type. The skin will be extremely grateful and reward you for its treatment. Beaming with health, it will let you mature with beauty.


This is the art of well-aging.

With a highly effective, revitalizing cream and intensive booster serum, Futurethis and Team Dr Joseph bring you closer to your goal of youthful, fresh and radiant skin with two new products.






A booster serum for an intensive treatment of the demanding, mature facial skin, with biotechnological hyaluronic acid, hibiscus extract and unique, selective luxury ingredients for a visibly smooth, firm and youthful glow.

Hibiscus kernel extract is a marvellous high-tech active ingredient, and at the same time, a plant-based alternative to Botox. This high-precision ingredient helps to bind free radicals and reduce muscle contractions, which can be responsible for the formation of wrinkles.

These fine-tuned, high-tech complexes of active ingredients reanimate the structuring effects of collagen synthesis, and they can provide your skin with renewed vigour and elasticity. The structures of your skin appear clearly firmer and it regains its natural glow.







Luxury facial care for a demanding and mature facial skin, with moisture-providing hyaluronic acid, super antioxidants and a unique complex of active ingredients, ensure a perfectly fresh and well-cared for look. Your skin will glow with a youthful, taut and firm appearance.  

A fine-tuned combination of active ingredients reanimate the synthesis of collagen, which is so important for providing structure and for giving the skin new tone and elasticity. The finest native olive oil cares for the skin and gives it an alluring suppleness while frankincense exercises its calming skills. The skin appears smoother with an invigorated complexion and youthful glow.


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