AVON: Introducing Misty Schultz.

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AVON: Introducing Misty Schultz.

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Avon: Introducing Misty Schultz


For more than 126 years, Avon has stood for beauty innovations, optimism and, above all, for women. Going back to the very beginning, Avon established its direct selling business model with its first Avon Sales Representative, Mrs. P.F.E. Albee, in 1886. The company has had a long-standing – over 130 years – tradition of helping women succeed financially and personally.

Through their direct selling program, they support approximately 6 million Independent Representatives worldwide. Providing women with an opportunity to earn a stable income and work to a flexible schedule. Avon encourages them to go out there and succeed!

Here in South Africa, one of Avon’s most inspiring story’s is the account of Misty Schultz’s. Misty Schultz began selling Avon when she was diagnosed with an incurable disease. She decided to join Avon to keep herself busy. Her Avon venture has helped keep her connected to people, and busy enough not to dwell on her health. The flexibility of Avon lets her set her own hours and work in a way that is best suited for her, her health and her family.  Avon has aided her in moving past her diagnosis and to make the most of her situation.





Misty has set up ‘Misty’s Avon’ in George (which has been running successfully). Through her business, she has helped create local jobs and has made it easy for her clients to experience the wonders of Avon through her treatments.

Her goal is to make sure that every woman who visits Misty’s, leaves feeling special and beautiful. A big advantage for her is being able to work for herself. Given her health, she isn’t always sure if she’ll be able to go into work. As her own boss, she can set her own schedule and achieve her goals at a pace that works for her.

“I love pleasing my clients and to guide them and make them leave with a smile. And to hear them say, ‘Misty you always know how to help me and make me happy. I hear so many beautiful words – that makes me happy.”- Misty Schultz

Misty has been very successful. In her first year of being an Avon Representative, she achieved gold, her second year she achieved platinum. In her third year, she placed second in South Africa for selling Avon.

“I’m proud to sell Avon. I feel I am a walking talking Avon doll. I make Avon proud.”

Avon is certainly proud of Misty and how she took on the challenges she faced and turned them into something positive, both for herself and others.

Avon continues to work hard to help women all over the world. They have had a direct impact on millions of women, helping them to find their footing whether it be financially or personally!
Avon truly is a company for women with many inspiring stories. For more information on Avon and its Independent Representatives please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za or call 011 885 6848.



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