HANNON: Valentine’s Day Makeup.

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February 1, 2017
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HANNON: Valentine’s Day Makeup.

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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. That usually means last-minute restaurant bookings, the perfect gift on a budget (as Christmas was just a few weeks ago) and of course, the ultimate date night. Valentine’s Day can be a source of great anxiety, but one thing that doesn’t have to be is your flawless ‘Date Night Makeup’. HANNON puts together the ideal product guide to ensure that you look absolutely stunning whilst celebrating this year’s day of love with your partner.



1. The Flawless Foundation
A flawless, oil-free base is the key to a stunning look that will last all day – and night of course. HANNON’S Full Cover Liquid Foundation is developed to give a full and lasting coverage to uneven skin tones, pigmentation marks, freckles and dark circles under the eyes. It blends easily for a completely natural and flawless complexion. Available in 8 shades, you’re sure to find the one that is just right for your special night.

2. From Day to Night
Date night on a Tuesday is never ideal, but with Valentine’s Day on a weekday this year it means you will probably dash from your desk to dinner. With HANNON, transform your look from solemn to sexy in a mere second. The Day to Night Eye Shadow palette provides you with four basic colours for two very different looks. Change your look from a natural day to an exciting evening look by simply going over the eye with the darker combination.R200.00

3. A sexy cat-eye
Winged eyeliner looks super cute when it’s on a model in a beauty magazine, but actually executing the perfect wing can prove to be quite the challenge. For a crisp wing, use a liquid eyeliner. HANNON’s long lasting, water-proof and easy-to-use felt pen liquid eye liner is perfect! Once the line has dried, it is completely smudge-proof as the colour “stains” the skin thus lasting all night.R134.00

4. Flutter those lashes!
HANNON’s Super Lash Mascara is totally unique to any mascara currently on the market. It is a waterproof formula that does not flake or smudge easily! The formulation of the mascara is made up of liquid plastic. Because of the liquid plastic, the mascara is best removed with a warm, damp cloth on your lashes, gently wiping it off. The Super Lash Mascara instantly lengthens and thickens, while at the same time separating each individual lash. The Super Lash Mascara is suitable for all eye types ranging from normal to highly sensitive!R210.00

5. Paint the town Red!
The finishing touch: a swipe of HANNON’s Eternal Red Lipstick. A gorgeous deep-red, this Colour Blend Lipstick is the perfect shade for your day of love. It applies like a traditional lipstick with excellent coverage and a long-lasting effect.R150.00

Eternal Red Lipstick
For more information, please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za.

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