AVON Journeys: Mothers & Daughters.

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AVON Journeys: Mothers & Daughters.

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AVON Journeys: Mothers & Daughters





AVON’s earning opportunity provides a great way for women to achieve financial independence in South Africa. It has helped countless individuals to earn a living or provide much-need extra income during difficult times. Many women have signed up for the AVON earning opportunity and have grown, learned and created a lifestyle that works for them and their families.

Many times, through this earning opportunity, AVON has positively affected families. A great upshot to the direct selling approach is the way it has strengthened mother and daughter bonds. Many moms have found that through their AVON journey they have been able to pass on valuable skill sets to their daughters, teaching them how to excel in a business setting. In many instances, some daughters decided to join the AVON family business and help support their mothers and eventually take over!






“My mom is my pillar of strength. We have a great friendship and get on so well. Working with her is amazing. Not only is she my mom, but I also consider her a sister and friend. I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Kgothatso Thubane
Avon Sales Leader


“I started selling Avon as a hobby and today, it is a business; how I earn a living. I hope that by selling Avon, Kgothatso will learn that she can be independent and take care of herself. Through Avon, she can achieve that.”

Noshi Thubane

Avon Sales Leader






“I used to go with my mom to recruit new Representatives when I was a little girl. For me, it’s Mother’s Day, every day. She is the most special person in my life and has taught me everything I know.”

Alicia Zwiers
Avon Sales Leader


“Alicia and I learn from each other. Our relationship has strengthened while working together as Avon Sales Leaders and we share an inseparable bond. I am proud to know that my legacy will one day live on through her.”

Denise Zwiers

Avon Sales Leader



For many mothers, the AVON journey has helped them connect with their daughters on a deeper level and teach them what they have learned through their personal ventures. After all, each independent Representative that joins the AVON family has their own story to tell and success to share!
For more information on Avon or its independent Avon Representatives please contact RED Marketing at: info@redmarketing.co.za or call 011 885 6848.



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