AVON Is A Family!

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AVON Is A Family!

New AVON logo - Feb 2009


AVON Is A Family!


Since its inception, AVON has fostered an environment that is supportive, loving and family-orientated. This began with the founder, David H. McConnell. He strived to not only provide women with earning opportunities, but also to develop a supportive family environment, this at a time when women were not permitted to vote! These Avon values have carried on to this day and underpin the brand.

Through its direct-selling business model, Avon created a means for women to earn an income and take control of their work-life balance. Many times, finding an equilibrium between being a parent and earning a living can be difficult. Being able to control their own time and schedule has gone a long way in helping women manage both their work and family life.

This is key to why the direct-selling model industry has been a success. By providing the necessary flexibility, it means moms can be the moms they want to be and the successful business women they strive to be all at the same time!





“Avon is a family business; everyone gets involved, even if they don’t know it. They use the products and, without thinking, recommend the products. Before they know it, they are our Representatives. Avon really looks after us!”- Denise Zwiers.


For Avon, creating a supportive environment has always been a cornerstone of the company. Being able to help develop women and be a vehicle to aide them financially is what Avon works towards daily. Avon supports approximately 6 million Independent Sales Representatives worldwide and continues to help women grow from strength to strength!

Avon truly is a company for women with many inspiring stories. For more information on Avon and its Independent Sales Representatives please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za or call 011 885 6848.



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