Introducing Oscar & Rose: Fashion For the Fierce.

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December 14, 2016
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Introducing Oscar & Rose: Fashion For the Fierce.



Oscar & Rose (O&R) is a South African company that was founded by Noor Thandiwe Modise. The brand bridges the gap between African creativity and Western style with the goal to dress the powerful and influential woman. It understands the ever-changing world we live in and the demand for one of a kind garments, combining the unique blend of craft, design, tradition, colour and trend into its vibrant collections.


Thandi Modise’s designs incorporate vibrant shades of crimson, emerald, aqua, fuchsia; a spectrum of various colours and patterns, focusing on uniting African prints and modern fabrics.






O&R represents the masculine and feminine sides of the eccentric and conventional woman. Oscar & Rose’s first collection, ‘Ekaya’, meaning ‘home’ in isiXhosa, is Thandi’s interpretation and experience of different South African tribes and cultures. O&R introduces pieces like no other, true forms of art; wearable art, if you will.


O&R will be the interpretation of Thandi’s experiences and travels through her life. Exiled from South Africa because of her parents’ political alliances, Thandi’s designs draw inspiration from her journeys in Zambia and Sweden, her adaptation of her stay in Canada and the political culture of the apartheid struggle. Despite banished from their country, children were constantly taught where their heritage lay and to be proud of where they came from. This pride is evident in all O&R’s designs. The O&R woman adorned in her colourful gown, glides and glows with dignity and honour.






Each collection will be like a chapter taken out of her book of life, infused with modern and trendy silhouettes, prints and fabrics. Focusing on the Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Basotho and Venda tribes, O&R’s collection consists of beautiful African prints on modern fabrics and designs. From satin to silk, chiffon to lace, O&R combines cosmopolitan and traditional designs for the conventional woman. With a vision for diversity, each collection promotes pride of culture and femininity.





O&R uses only the finest materials and fabrics to make outstanding products for the modern, stylish woman. A brand for women, by a woman, O&R tries to empower local, female-owned businesses, employing them for local manufacture.

Oscar & Rose stems from the vision of luxury, fashion and complete confidence in oneself. Dressed in Oscar & Rose, any women can conquer the world.


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