“With Avon, I am happy, beautiful, debt-free!”

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“With Avon, I am happy, beautiful, debt-free!”

New AVON logo - Feb 2009



“With Avon, I am happy, beautiful, debt-free!”



What drives Avon? This global beauty company is a company for women. It is one of the largest direct sellers in the world with approximately 6 million Independent Avon Sales Representatives selling Avon products worldwide. Their goal has always been to supply phenomenal beauty products while helping to put food on tables and supporting important social initiatives that affect women.

Through Avon’s direct selling programme, women around the world, and here in South Africa, have managed to support themselves financially. They have been able to work for themselves, have flexible schedules that allow them to balance their work-family time and most of all, achieve financial security; something that doesn’t always come easily in today’s economic climate.

Looking at one of our cases locally, Avon helped a lovely lady Brenda Buthelezi find her feet. She started selling Avon products in 2007.  When she began selling Avon, she was a teacher, qualified with a senior Diploma in Education, but was in debt and unhappy with the hours she was working. Brenda also discovered that she earned more with Avon. She has now managed to pay off her debt and send her daughter to a boarding school. Her Avon earnings have also enabled her to get a qualification as a beauty therapist and now owns her own beauty salon in Richards Bay.





“With AVON I am happy, beautiful, debt-free. I have money, I buy things cash, stress-free. I meet new people every day and can afford my child’s education without taking out a loan. Thank you, Avon!”- Brenda Buthelezi


Through its direct selling programme, Avon has established an immediate way to help women succeed and has provided them with an opportunity to work in a way that suits them! This is Avon, the company that for more than 125 years has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women.

For more information on Avon and its Sales Representatives please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za or call 011 885 6848.




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