Hannon: Say Goodbye To Oil This Summer!

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December 12, 2016
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Hannon: Say Goodbye To Oil This Summer!

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Say Goodbye To Oily Skin This Summer!



A radiant glow to the skin is sought after by most women these days, however there is a big difference between “glowy” and oily. Especially in our South African summer climate, the increase in temperature can cause our skin to produce more oil and looking shiny. Although an oily skin type is more common in youngsters, it may persist even as you grow older. Enlarged pores, common with oily skin types can trap excess sebum which may lead to blackheads.

Hannon has you covered this summer. With their range of products, specifically formulated for oily skin types, your skin will look and feel extra clean and refreshed with less oiliness and unwanted shine.


  1. Remove the makeup grime.

Love wearing makeup but hate taking it off? Make it easy on yourself with the HANNON MAKEUP CLEANSING MILK – a moisturising makeup remover that thoroughly removes all makeup and cleanses the face of all impurities. Simply massage the cleansing milk over your day’s make-up. As it lifts your old makeup off the skin you can simply rinse it off with clean water. There is no easier way to cleanse.








2. Go the extra cleansing mile.

Some with oily skin types often feel that their skin needs a deeper cleanse for an even cleaner and fresher appearance. The HANNON GENTLE CLEANSING FACE BAR has an added benefit as it helps to reduce oil secretion and leaves your skin looking and feeling fresher for longer.




3. Tone it down!

The pH BALANCING TONER is an essential step prior to applying a moisturising cream or serum. This no-fuss, spray-on soothing and balancing toner prepares the skin and evens out the pH balance for even and maximum absorption of the active ingredients in all of the HANNON moisturising creams.





4. Hydration and oil control!

One can easily be mistaken to think that an oily skin type does not require a moisturizer. Oil and moisture are two different components to skin care requirements. For the first time there is a face moisturiser which provides a burst of moisture to combat dehydration and at the same time acts like an oil absorber. The, HANNON OIL CONTROL moisturizer will help reduce sebum production and give the skin a smoother and finer texture that appears less shiny.





Once a week treatments for additional benefits.  

Mother of Pearl Facial Scrub


A blend of grounded Polynesian mother of pearl and organic oils to create a luxurious pore refining cleansing scrub. Removes pore-clogging dirt and oils that are trapped within the dead surface skin cells. Leaves the new and exposed skin feeling cool, clean and healthier looking.







Gentle Enzyme Skin Peeler


With papaya and pineapple extracts, the GENTLE ENZYME SKIN PEELER is an essential part to a weekly skin care routine to dissolve dead surface skin cells and lighten surface pigmentation without rubbing.  It dissolves protein bonds that bind dead skin cells together, allowing you to shed the cells easily and makes penetration of active ingredients more effective.






For more information, please contact: info@redmarketing.co.za.



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