Hannon: Perfect Your Summer Look!

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Hannon: Perfect Your Summer Look!

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Hannon: Perfect Your Summer Style!


Warm, sunny days, lounging by the pool or beach, sipping on your favourite cocktail whilst soaking up the sun – this is what summer means to most of us. Not forgetting, long nights with friends and family as you celebrate the holiday season ahead.

With HANNON, perfect your summer style with minimal effort for maximum results. Looking and feeling your best is vital in these summer months. Effortless beach curls, rosy cheeks and glowing skin is always a better look compared to a messy bun, smeared mascara and that nasty sunburn you thought you could avoid.


Step 1
Scrub away your winter hide.


Weekly exfoliation is key to rid yourself of dead skin cells and achieving a healthy summer glow. The HANNON MOTHER OF PEARL FACIAL SCRUB is a blend of grounded Polynesian mother of pearl and organic oils to create an instantly smoother complexion. Removing pore-clogging dirt and oils that are trapped within the dead surface skin cells will reveal the new and younger skin.






Step 2
Prepare and protect!


Protection against direct sun exposure is vital, especially in our harsh summer climate. UV radiation does not only occur at the beach or next to the pool, but also from indoor sources like your television screen, cellular phone and fluorescent lighting at the office. UV radiation is the number one cause for premature ageing and skin pigmentation. The DAILY SUNBLOCK MOISTURISER with SPF 30+ is more than a sun block. It is a complete lightweight and oil-free daily moisturiser for all skin types. The ingredient Zinc Oxide helps to treat and prevent inflammation of acne-prone skin.





Step 3
A light base.

In summer, extreme heat threatens to ruin the most perfectly applied makeup foundation. Like ice cream all your effort melts instantly once you step outside, leaving your skin oily, shiny and without the cover you so desire. HANNON’s TWO IN ONE FOUNDATION is a powder and foundation all-in-one. It is suitable for all skin types and gives you a porcelain matte finish that lasts all day.






Step 4
Perfectly peachy!

HANNON’s new PEACHY BLUSHER, a gorgeous ombre shade of fuchsia pink and tangerine orange, is perfect for a natural flush of the cheeks on a warm summer’s day or night out. Apply only a dab or some more if you want to look and feel more “peachy”.





Step 5
A pop of colour.

Coral remains the most social lipstick shade. HANNON’s CORAL LIPSTICK is the perfect complement to brighten up any sun kissed complexion even more.  A pop of colour on your lips, with a long-lasting effect, is ideal for any summer party.






Step 6
Frizz fighter!

Whether by the beach or in the bush, summer heat and humidity may cause hair to frizz and feel dry. When hair needs more than regular conditioning, HANNON comes to the rescue again with their ANTI-FRIZZ SILK FINISHING SPRAY. This spray-on moisturiser can be used on freshly washed or dry hair. Use it whenever your long and dry hair needs extra nourishment, shine, softness and frizz control.






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