Fuel Food: Artisanal Sandwiches.

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Fuel Food: Artisanal Sandwiches.




Fuel Food: Artisanal Sandwiches

Fuel Food launches their new sandwich bar with a spread of artisanal sandwiches, hand-crafted to perfection. Ingredients are sourced from artisanal suppliers, relishes are homemade and bread is freshly baked. Cured meats are sourced from Richard Bosman’s factory, founded in 2009, using traditional salting and drying techniques for the best quality meat. Fuel Food ensures only the finest quality, having their bread crafted by a baker who studied 5 years in Paris to perfect the art of baguettes, croissants and sourdough bread. Sourdough, unlike other breads, takes longer to digest and assists in regulating blood-sugar levels, helping ward off diabetes, thus a much healthier option.


On the menu, you will find delicacies such as a Coppa Ham, a famous Italian sandwich ham, tender and full of flavour, Comté cheese, from the East of France, croissants with an array of delicious fillings, copious quiches and salads, prepared with natural ingredients. An absolute treat with little guilt!

Fuel Food provides healthy meals with quality ingredients that not only feeds your body, but also your soul. Combining taste and goodness, Fuel Food introduces their artisanal sandwiches, home-made and simply delicious!


Some of the delightful items on the menu:

Copa Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Packed with flavour, this gourmet sandwich features artisanal dry-cured Coppa ham, Comté cheese, tomatoes, olive paste and salad leaves in a freshly-baked poppy seed bread.

Roast Chicken Sandwich
A classically simple sandwich of sliced roast chicken breasts, sliced tomatoes and green Batavia leaves, enlivened by a zingy mustard mayonnaise, served in a freshly-baked poppy seed bread.

Salami and Cheese Sandwich
A flavourful filling of salami, mozzarella and gherkins with a zesty mayo dressing, freshly-made with artisanal sour dough bread.

The Metropolitan
An inspiring combination: succulent chicken breast fillets, creamy feta cheese, avocado, tomato and sliced cucumber with a green apple yogurt dressing in a 100% rye bread.


Omelette Breakfast Croissant
A pure butter croissant with a tasty, plain omelette and rocket salad filling, great for a vegetarian breakfast.

Ham and Omelette Breakfast
A pure butter croissant with a satisfying and tasty filling of omelette, sliced cider ham and rocket salad.

Salmon and Spinach Quiche.
An individual savoury quiche with a gluten free case filled with spinach and smoked salmon in an egg custard made with cream.

Leek Quiche
An individual savoury leek flan; gluten free crust, encasing a filling of leeks and cream.

Puy Lentil Superfood Salad -(V)
A light summer salad of lentils, harissa-flavoured feta cheese, char-grilled peppers, char-grilled courgettes and fresh spinach leaves.

Chicken Salad
A favourite, this substantial salad features a winning combination of grated carrots, Emmental cheese, sliced chicken breasts, chopped apples, cranberries, walnuts and mixed salad leaves.

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